5 Ways to Save Money on Business Travel


Negosentro.com | 5 Ways to Save Money on Business Travel | Being an entrepreneur requires travel either for marketing or research purposes. Whatever your reasons, you don’t have to spend sky-high rates. Here are some tips to save money when travelling:

1. Save on travel expenses

Plan the trip in advance so that you’ll have time to search for the best rates of hotel and airfare. You can also try to check peak season of the country that you are visiting (such as holidays) because flights and accommodations are usually higher at that time. Also, try travelling on weekdays to save money because flights are usually higher on weekends. If you’re an adventurer you can also mix and match your flights (connecting flights) because it is much cheaper than direct flights.

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2. Save on luggage fees

Because airports charges for excess baggage, it’s best to check the weight of the before you leave home or there are weighing scales available inside the airport. Save money on excess baggage and be hassle-free when you’re already on the airport.

3. Save on food

Pack your own food and drinks on board to save money from the inflated price of airport snacks. And when you already arrived on your destination you can try cooking your own meals while you stay or ask the locals about cheaply priced restaurants. Avoid eating on tourist places where food prices are doubled compared to local prices. Another tip is to carry your own reusable water bottle so that you’ll stay hydrated wherever you go while saving money from buying bottled water every time. Try to use some perks of being a frequent traveler and get into the airport lounges. Most global traveler hubs offer wonderful places to go for a quick snack or drink on the way to your terminal.

4. Save on accommodation

Check online for cheap hotel or hostels found on your area of destination a week before your travel. This will give you option so that you can save money and get the best value for money.

5. Other tips

• Register in your embassy in the visiting country to give you lots of options and people you can inquire too.
• Travel by public transport and try asking if there is preloaded metro and bus passes for a hassle-free travel.
• Choose countries with low-cost of living, as you will be spending less cash than you would do at home
• Pack ‘just in case’. Even if it is not the rainy season, include a jacket or an umbrella on your luggage so that you won’t have to buy one.
• Ask the locals (hotel staffs) about food rates, cheapest means of transportation, etc.
• Lastly, but most importantly, secure your entire luggage especially your valuables to avoid a loss and be hassle free.

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