5 Ways to Relax while Working


Maria Suzanne Plana | Negosentro.com

Work hard, play harder they say but sometimes we all just need a little break. Working for long hours can be a bore and can be very stressful. But remember, it’s okay to relax from time to time, especially in between breaks and tasks. These 5 ways may help you lessen the stress you experience at work.


If your work requires you to sit down a lot, try getting up and doing some simple stretches or walk around your cubicle after completing a task or two. This wakens up your muscles and senses leaving you a more refreshed feeling. This is a good way to gear up for the next task you’re about to take.

Listen to Music

Music is always a top-notcher when it comes to destressing, someone. Try listening to your favorite tracks while working and you will feel more energized and productive. Just make sure that the volume is not too loud to be distracting to your co-employees and too distracting for you not to hear people talking to you.

Talk, talk, talk

Every after tasks, try contacting a friend or a loved one and exchange casual conversations. Also, if your workmates are not too busy, a little chat here and there would both help each of you to destress while working. After all, you’re quite both dealing with the same experiences.

Grab a hot drink

If you’re company allows you to take drinks to your desks then use all of the opportunity you can to do so! Grab yourself some warm milk, a hot cup of joe, or tea from time to time. The warmth will help your body ease up during or after long tasks.

Take a breather!

The best way to relax at work is to let yourself have a quick break every after task. Take this time to just do nothing, sit back, and relax. It clears up your mind preparing you for your next task. This also helps you come up with new ideas. Just make sure it’s not too long of a break.

But of course, remember that there is no other and no better way to relax while working than knowing that you love what you are doing.

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