5 Ways to be Indispensable at Work


by Jason Bettinger, via Linkedin |

In today’s turbulent economic environment, it is no surprise that many companies are restructuring, once in a while. Jobs are being outsourced to places where doing business and getting work done is cheaper. Having said that, those who are in the employment line never have a safe job- because they can be replaced at any moment.

But is this really the case? Well, at least, not for everyone! Have you ever noticed that some people are just irreplaceable? They don’t fear of being demoted, fired, or replaced because they know just how valuable they are. These people become restructure-proof for a reason. But what makes them indispensible? Are there ways in which you can make yourself an important asset to your company? Ways in which you can ensure that you remain in the company no matter what happens? Here are ways through which you can make yourself indispensable at work!

Build good relationships.

One of the secrets of the most successful people is building good relationships. Having people who share your interest, hobbies, or profession is a great deal to expand your knowledge and learn new things. You will meet different kinds of people, negative and positive ones, but both are ok. Connecting with different types of people can take you a long way- you can learn to adjust to different personalities, you’ll be more flexible, and you can acquire skills that are necessary to survive any types of social environment. Let the negative people motivate you into becoming better and let them be a reminder of the person you don’t want to be. And, let the positive ones inspire you to become the best person that you can be!

Focus on developing your skills, instead of promotion.

You got your job right now because you have the necessary skills needed to perform the job. But do you have the skills to deserve a promotion? When things go wrong, are you skillful enough to retain your position in the company? If you are already good at something, don’t stop learning! There is still always something to improve about yourself. Be open to criticisms, new ideas, and new opportunities. Instead of focusing on getting a promotion, focus on developing the skills needed for that promotion. So, if you want to be a Manager, get all the trainings and seminars needed for the position, act like a manager, speak like a manager, dress like a manager, and when you finally gathered everything that is needed, you will be highly recommended for the promotion!

Master the art of optimism.

As what I have mentioned from one of the articles I have written 5 Smart Ways to Live a Kick-Ass Life, possessing a positive attitude is a choice! Some people blame their negativity on bad experiences in the past or in other people, and while this is the easiest way to justify their pessimism, they fail to see that bad experiences are opportunities to grow, and improve one’s self. Train yourself to be more positive by always choosing to see opportunity in every difficulty. Your social activities and thoughts contribute the biggest factor on how you live your life. The more you think positively, the more proactively you will set and reach your goals. This positive attitude will then emanate to everyone you connect with, which will help build good relationships and a good working environment.

Go the extra mile.

Bite off more than you can chew, then chew like mad! In other words, if you are given a task you don’t know how to do, say YES, and learn how to do it later. Do not be afraid to learn or try something new, because it is through change that we learn best! Exhibiting the habit of getting stuff done is good, but to be able to provide excellent output for your tasks is even better. Regular employees get things done, but superstars do a little more than what’s expected of them. Have the initiative to go above your job description, and believe that you can do better than what you are currently doing.

To earn respect you must show respect.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

As the golden rule states, and I couldn’t agree more! Some keys to success when it comes to building strong work relationships include listening to people, giving them your time, being a good communicator, giving and taking feedback, and finally, being trusting and more empathetic towards people. Treat everyone with genuine respect. Look out for the people around you, be there when they need help, and be their confidante when they need to confide something or need some advice. This will put you in a good place especially when things take a turn for the worse. When you have build strong relationships based on trust and respect, it will increase your chance of not getting left behind.

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