5 Ways to Boost Organic Reach on Facebook

ways-to-boost organic reach-on-Facebook, Facebook, boost-your-Facebook-posts, ways-to-enhance-Facebook-reach

Mary Rae Floresca | Negosentro.com

Having a hard time boosting your Facebook page? Let’s maximize the use of your primary social media platform. Read and know how to increase your posts’ organic reach.

Organic reach is the total number of unique people who have seen your post without paid distribution. “Organic” term in this context means results chosen by the search engines based on how good a match your content is to a user’s query, versus the paid ads displayed in the same location, as stated in Entrep.com.

1. Deliver right content for our audience

What’s the secret of an engaging post? It’s important to choose the right mix of content and post it in the right order. You should post the right content to the right audience at the right time. Copy-pasted links won’t work. Try posting photo with captions that asks a question that makes your followers tick.

2. Convert text to graphic images

Good Visual Marketing is a great strategy to enhance your newsfeed. Co Schedule’s blog said that Facebook images get 2.3 times more engagement than that of normal post.

Post Planner, a Social Media Engagement App shared on their blog the 5 Requirements to for Viral quote images. This photo below is also an example of good graphic image:

ways-to-boost-organic-reach-on-Facebook, Facebook, boost-your-Facebook-posts, ways-to-enhance-Facebook-reach
Photo Credit: Post Planner

3. Know the best time to post

To figure out the best time to post is based on your data. For example, if you have a content about a gloomy day, then post it when it’s actually raining in your location. However, if your audience is global, you can generate posts that a bit more generic than selective. It should be informative but engaging. Some marketers suggest posting at peak times when people are on Facebook.  Based on the illustration of Co Schedule below, this is more or less applicable for the Philippine Setting, especially on the time. If you mean to post daily, post once a day and select what time of the day. People these days are on their mobile phone when they get to the office, during lunchtime and during coffee break.

ways-to-boost-organic-reach-on-Facebook, Facebook, boost-your-Facebook-posts, ways-to-enhance-Facebook-reach
Photo Credit: CoSchedule

4. Plan your content in advance but be spontaneous

If you don’t plan your future posts, there’s a tendency that you are repeating the same content. It may be a different approach but it’s no longer engaging to the audience. Re-checking your pasts posts again and again to know the next post is, can be time consuming. Come up with a template. If you’ve planned out your content for a week, don’t forget to be a bit spontaneous on creating your post. Stay updated with news and current events, you may be able to create a relatable content based on what is popular now. Once example is the terrorist attack in Paris, a lot of brands created social media content that engages a lot of netizens. For example, your brand is a pastries and desserts? Create a flag of that country using a cake sprinklers or make a cupcake cake spelling out “Paris”, take a pic and post it!

5. Measure your posts

Good thing, Facebook has insights. Use that to know what kind of posts that makes your audience react to it. Pay attention to the trajectory of the insights, when does it shoots up and when does it goes down. Repeat the post that you had in the high turnout based on your insight, not exact post but somehow related to that post. The high engagement can be caused by the time you posted, the photo or the caption. So next you post, be strategic.

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