5 Tips to Earn More Money as a Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Loving fitness and a perfect body are so trouble-free. It is easier to be a certified personal trainer these days. But is it easy to make a living or earn money as a personal trainer? Most of the people who are working in this sector will agree that earning money is way tougher here than the other sectors.

It is tough to get clients, they show up late and they cancel! Yes, these are the problems you will face as a personal trainer! Now, if you want to earn a good sum of money in this business, you can go through the simple schemes and you will never regret!

Engage with People

Go for a gym first! You have to keep hustling as this is the beginning of your carrier. We can understand that you are thinking about the low payment. We know that the gyms will pay you less than you expect but it will make you prepare for the future. It will afford you a real-life experience so that you can deal with your clients in the future.

The best part about joining a gym is you will get some potential clients! You will be able to meet new people. A gym has an amazing quality of proving you’re a stable environment. You will not need to run here and there to get clients. You are getting so many potential clients under one roof and you can convince them for taking your service. Moreover, joining a gym is security!

Home Service Tricks

This is a way of leveling up your salary scale. This might seem a little tough to you but doing this will make you feel secure and you can make money easily. In this case, you have to keep in mind so many things. You will need to travel to your client’s house for providing service. It can soak up a lot of time of your day.

Moreover, when you are ready to deliver home service to your clients as a personal trainer, you will need to invest some money on the process too. Suppose one of your clients live far away from you. Here, you have to keep a budget for this client as you need to travel and burn fuel for the journey. Furthermore, traffic is an issue here too.

It is best for you to apply some tricks here. If two of your client lives in the east of your house then make a schedule for both of them on the same date. You can go to the east and visit both homes on the same day. This will reduce the loss of time you will need to face if you visit them on different days.

Training Class

This may be a little expensive but if you want to invest in being a personal trainer as your profession, you can earn your living easily with it. You have to arrange some money for investing in this business first. Here, you have to hire a hall or studio as a place to train new trainees. You have to gather as many people as you can and train them.

Here, you will have to invest money on leaflets, advertising, and other stuff. If you can provide a venue by yourself then the cost will be really less. For every hour, you can get 20-30 pounds from every student which is great for starting a business as a personal trainer.

Bootcamp Business

Yes, bootcamp business will help you out in every way you want! This will gear up your wallet more than you can imagine. The best way to do it is by gathering a group of people first. All you have to do is teach them! You will need to gather them in a place and make them learn some of your fitness tricks and methods.

In this procedure, you have to remember that you need to keep the charge really low. In this way, you will be able to get more people than regular bootcamps. People always crave for learning things in a low budget. This will help them learn and you will get a good sum of money. You can keep the charge up to 5 pounds or 10 pounds. This may seem low to you but when you will get a group of 10-15 members, the total sum of money will be higher than teaching in person.

Get Online

Online is a great source of advertising. When you start training people in person, in a group or in bootcamps, you can advertise your business online. You can never reach as many people as an advertisement in the online can.

Instagram is a great source of online advertising. You can try to be an online fitness coach with the help of Facetime or Skype too! Take a nominal fee and work for it to earn money. You can also go for starting a blog of your own. Owning a fitness blog like Pushtofitness or site can be a great method of reaching people.


If your goal is to earn money and fill up your wallet, there is nothing better than working hard. You should not stick to one business. Rather try to get into more than one business to get more money. You will have to delivery so much time and patience at the beginning.

Provide time and effort properly. Engage yourself with new people and advertise wisely. Go for more than one trick to get the best out of your business! Money equals to work and so, be passionate about your work!  

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