5 Tips in Choosing the Right Courier in the Philippines


For local businessmen, choosing the right courier service in the Philippines, can have significant consequences on the efficiency and productivity of their business. That’s why it is very important that you take note of the quality of services each courier is providing.

Please take note of our 5 tips in choosing the right courier in the Philippines.

Readily Available

Instead of permanently hiring messengers, most businessmen rely on courier services that can be immediately available and can pick up a package and have it delivered as soon as you want them to. Hiring messengers can be very costly in the long run, most especially if you want packages and parcels delivered across the Philippine islands most of the time. If you simply send packages and parcels within Metro Manila, it would always be wise to check if your labor cost will always be cheaper than just having them sent by the right courier. If you know of a courier service that can immediately pick-up your package and deliver it as soon as you want them to, then you have found the right courier.

Package / Parcel Limitations

Consider some limitations when sending a package or parcel through a courier, they may have size and weight limitations. If you have items of unusual sizes to send, it is best that you get informed of the Do’s, Don’t’s and other possible changes in pricing.

Shipment Tracking

Usually the right courier has the capability to inform you about the whereabouts of your shipments or packages. Tracking numbers are provided by the right courier. Tracking numbers are proof of deliveries. These are useful if you are sending things that take several hours or days to arrive.  Tracking numbers can be verified from a website / phone service / email.

Cost is not always equal to Value

If you are after cost, chances are it might never be equal with the value of the service that you are after.  The smart businessman makes a decision on cost after he has verified that the courier service can provide all of the other things you are looking for in a right courier.


Yes, sometimes losses do happen. That is the reason why you have to secure your package or parcel with insurance. The right courier will always ask you if you want your package or parcel insured.

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