5 Things You Can Learn From Marvin Agustin’s Successful Resto Business



Marvin Agustin is one of the brains behind many popular restaurants like Robotosan, Kung Fu Kitchen, SumoSam, Tokyo Grill, Marciano’s, Johnny Chow, Komrad, John & Yoko, and several others.

Here are the 5 things that you can learn from his successful business journey:

You need education but not necessarily a Business Degree

According to Marvin, he only finished high school. But, because he wanted to learn about the food business, he took short courses such as Management of Arts Program and Culinary. He did  not finish a business degree. His best education was his experience in foods and food business. Marvin said that because his family has a small kitchen, he always observes how his mom cooked. Watching what’s going on in the kitchen made him passionate about cooking and foods. Growing up, his experiences in working for a restaurant encouraged him to save money for his education.

Lack of money should not hinder you

In some of his interviews, Marvin confessed that he had difficult beginnings. When his father lost his job, Marvin helped his mom run a small cold cuts business. He also tried different part time jobs like selling firecrackers and earn money by being a mascot. His dream of becoming a Restaurant Manager begins when he worked in Tia Maria’s Restaurant. This propelled Marvin to study more. Financial difficulties didn’t block him to continue his passion.

Choose what you enjoy and love to do

Marvin believes that if you are passionate and enjoy what you are doing; every day will not be a work. He said that you should be honest and true to yourself. To succeed in any kind of endeavor, you should stop thinking of pleasing others too much. Instead, pursue what you really love and what matters most to you.

Keep your feet on the ground

In his interviews, Marvin often shares the importance of humility in his success. He said that even if he already owned many restaurants, he can still be the waiter, the bus boy, or even the security guard. He never forgot his humble beginnings. He is proud of where and how he started his success.

Find great business partners

“Finding a business partner is like finding a wife,” Marvin said. He shared that you should find business partners who have the same life values as you do. He said that choosing business partners carefully is one of his secrets why his restaurant businesses were flourishing.

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