5 Surefire Ways For Better Prospecting On LinkedIn

5 Surefire Ways For Better Prospecting On LinkedIn 2020 - Negosentro
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What Is Sales Prospecting?

Negosentro| 5 Surefire Ways For Better Prospecting On LinkedIn |Sometimes sales happen effortlessly, and other times it involves some extra steps to sell your product or service. And when the latter is the case, prospecting is how you kick-off the process. So prospecting is a way of identifying your potential customers, cataloging similar prospects, and curating the perfect way to outreach them. Although all these ways are a part of prospecting, which is also called lead generation, they are usually divided into stages and begin with identifying prospective customers.

Lately, LinkedIn has become a prominent platform for carrying out lead generation. And it is because of the number of professionals that trust the platform and make connections. There have been many inflection points in the business arena, and each one of them has been enlightening. The COVID-19 pandemic is one such inflection point that has taught the business world to function remotely. Even the functions that were tough to accomplish virtually were happening on a remote basis. This time around, we’ll talk about how sales took a shift, and how we can cope with the shift. LinkedIn has a vast combination of professionals that can help in prospecting.

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Let’s begin with understanding why LinkedIn is the perfect platform for lead generation or sales prospecting.

Why Choose LinkedIn For Sales Prospecting?

If you go around with a camera and mic and perform a random experiment of asking professionals if they are on LinkedIn, yes is what you’ll hear in unison. From freshers to decision-makers, every professional uses LinkedIn to connect with people and hold a relevant conversation. And this is exactly why sales professionals have begun using this platform for making their pitch.

Let’s look at the reasons to choose LinkedIn for sales.

Freshers, Decision-Makers, and Beyond The 630 million members on LinkedIn are a combination of 3 Million MBA graduates, 6 Million IT decision Makers, and more. Every professional who wishes to expand their network and knowledge chooses LinkedIn. And that is a big enough reason for a potent sales team to prospect on LinkedIn. Not only that, but you can also expand your nexus by connecting with great professionals around the world.

Information At Your Disposal

It takes 18 Calls, on average, to connect with an interested buyer when we go the traditional way. On LinkedIn, you are at the liberty of perusing through the prospect’s information before pitching to them. And this gives you a strategic advantage over all those who prefer selling the traditional way.

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For example, if you wish to reach out to a prospect, you might want to check out the interest of the person and frame a connection message accordingly. This information might not be available with you if you went to the traditional way of selling. The LinkedIn profile of the person is all the information you need for your prospecting.

Exponential Outreach  Now that you don’t have to go prospect-to-prospect to pitch your product or service, you can utilize the time that you saved by outreaching a greater number on LinkedIn. Sales prospect allows you to outreach 3x more leads when following the online process.

These were three of the many reasons why we must use LinkedIn for sales prospecting. It is no secret that LinkedIn has made a name for itself when it comes to lead generation. So let’s have a look at the five ways to prospect on LinkedIn to generate great leads.

5-Ways For Great Prospecting

Make Your LinkedIn Profile Interesting  Since you’re reaching out to somebody to sell your product or service, your virtual self is also under scrutiny. And to ensure that you convert your lead, you must build an attractive profile. Here are a few tips to help you build a magnetic LinkedIn profile;

  • Make sure that your profile picture looks professional and has a background photo as well.
  • The About section defines you. So make sure that you fill in this section with accuracy.
  • Make sure that you keep updating your profile regularly. Periodic update gives your visitors a chance to revisit your profile, which enhances your profile visits.

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For example, this LinkedIn profile has an aesthetically pleasing profile picture and background. And this has higher chances of capturing the attention of a LinkedIn generated lead. Also, the section captures the essence of the person and talks about her professional experiences.

Join Multiple Groups Joining multiple groups gives you exposure to a nexus of people. A few could be your prospective clients, and the others might help you enhance your knowledge on a particular subject matter. Sometimes, while conversing in groups, you could come across like-minded people who might later turn into prospective clients. Networking is the key here!

Personalize Your Messages  Every decision-maker comes across a plethora of sales messages in a day. Your job is to be that one message that they choose to open and respond to. For this, you’ll have to perform some groundwork before you approach your prospect. Here are a few things you could do;

  • Ask a common connection to introduce you on LinkedIn, if any
  • Go through their profile and modify yours to catch their attention. Don’t go doing this for all of your prospects since it will increase the time you spend per prospect.
  • Make a conversation with them before you start selling. Don’t begin selling right from the first message because your prospect might have seen that over ten times today!

In addition to these points, you must also remember to always keep the connection message short yet attractive. Something like this could help you;

Hi <First Name>, 

I see you’re keen on Digital Marketing and have been working in the arena for quite long! It’s great to find a like-minded buddy! I’d love to connect with you and know your insights about the current trends in digital marketing! 

Looking forward to having a stimulating conversation! 


Be Analytical and Creative When prospecting on LinkedIn, you must be following some pre-guided steps, as suggested by your manager. But you must understand that prospecting is not a subset of written rules that you have to adhere to. It is a process to be creative and make connections on a personal basis. Let’s look at an example here;


I hope you’re doing well!

I am YYY from RRR Pvt. Ltd. 

My purpose in writing to you is to tell you about your recently launched service that will help you increase your productivity and that of your teams. 

Let me know if you’d like to know more!


The above message is very bland and cold. You mustn’t send cold messages if you want to convert your LinkedIn generated lead. The message in point three is an example that could help you convert your lead.

Note: Ensure that you have an outline of all messages before you begin prospecting. Create a plan for a niche and begin experimenting. After all, LinkedIn lead generation is all about experimenting. Make A Friendly Approach The goal is not just to sell, but it is also to make long-lasting connections. So, each time that you connect with people on LinkedIn, for lead generation or otherwise, ensure that you connect to make a friend. Also, when you’re going through a LinkedIn profile, look at the bar on the right side saying People Also Viewed; this is another way to find more leads and begin prospecting. And since these leads flash on one of your prospects pages, they’ll have a lot more in common. This way, you can create a niche of similar prospects and begin prospecting.

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Wrapping Up

Social selling has become the in-thing nowadays. Be it any industry – the sales professionals want to have additional information about their prospects to have an advantage during the process. LinkedIn lead generation is a new-and-coming way of selling on social media platforms. It is helpful because it is a clean community of professionals willing to speak and spread knowledge about their expertise or industry.

We’ve laid out the five fail-safe ways that will help you prospect better and generate great leads. You’re at the liberty of adding your touch to it – to make it more effective! Image Source

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