5 Sales Skills Every Marketer Should Master

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Every sales marketer faces great challenges: meeting the quotas, satisfying the customers, and making the sales team work. Here are some sales skills that every sales person must sharpen to stay on the game:

Business acumen

This is a crucial skill every sales marketer should have. Whenever they face a customer, they should be able to make a quick but sound decision. And also, every decision made should be customer- centric. That is: every sales plan and goals should be directed to the customer: his needs, desires, dreams, and problems. Every marketing deal begins and is centered with the customer.

Innovating and competitiveness

Sales people have the skill of knowing exactly their products, and what they can offer that the competitor doesn’t have. They are aware which type of product will best suit the customer’s needs and lifestyle, but not only that. They are always pushing themselves to stand out from the rest of competitors.sales-1

Negotiating, persuasiveness, and handling objections

Remember, being a sales marketer is being involved with people. Feeding them with all the information about the product, letting them digest the information, offering them a substitute, and making them realize that your product is the best for them. But, another skill that a salesperson must possess is anticipating objections and what ifs of the customer. If you have offered them a great deal and they walked away to look for another product, chances are they will come back for you as soon that they realized that you have a great deal to offer them.

Planning and organizing and planning again

Being a good salesperson means you must not be empty handed when it comes to sales gimmicks and plans. Experiment on sales talks and giving deals to customers. Most customers buy products even when they don’t need it when they are intrigued by the way you are selling the product to them. You can be also organized by making an offer. A flat iron will go with an ironing board with a lower price compared to when you buy it separately. Or a TV should be sold with a home theater system. Organizing your offer gives you a higher chance of selling your product.

Networking and building associations

A buyer will trust a salesperson he or she is familiar to. As a sales marketer, you have to widen your horizon. Enhance your communication skills by engaging in a small intelligent talk with another person. Be active in social media to build your network and find more help in sharpening your sales skills.

These are the skills if you want to be an effective and productive sales person. And one important point is that you don’t only possess them, you should also sharpen these skills by constant application and practice in your daily selling endeavors.

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