5 Quick Tips To Increase Sales


by Angie Mansfield |

Increasing sales numbers is a concern for any small business. If your sales are lagging, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a new marketing campaign just yet, here are a few easy things you can try.

# 1. Customer rewards

A very simple thing you can do to increase your small business sales is to start a customer rewards program. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – even a discount or free gift on a customer’s birthday can help build customer loyalty.

If you want to get the most out of this method, try starting a points system or another program that encourages repeat business. This lets your customers know you value them, and gives them a great incentive to keep coming back – and to bring their friends.

# 2. Follow up

It’s far cheaper to keep an existing customer than it is to gain a new one. One great way to keep your existing client base happy is to follow up with them after they’ve bought a product or service from you. This lets them know that their satisfaction is important to you, and will lead to happier, more loyal customers.

Following up after a sales call is also an important step. Some prospective clients need a little time to think things over, but may not get back in touch with you on their own. By giving them a friendly call a week later, you increase your chances of making that sale.

# 3. The personal touch

If you use the same sales pitch for every customer, regardless of that customer’s background and experiences, your pitch is not going to resonate. Instead, work with your sales staff to come up with a personalized message for your customers.

You know from dealing with your clients on a regular basis what their needs are, so build your sales message around meeting those needs. If you can show your customer why your product is the best one to solve her problem, she’s much more likely to buy from you – and continue buying from you.

# 4. Benefits, not features

Which of the following product descriptions sounds better:

  • The BlenderMatic has an all-steel construction, a three-speed motor, and titanium blades.
  • The BlenderMatic’s three-speed motor conveniently handles all of your chopping, mincing, and blending tasks – so you can cut down on meal prep and spend more time enjoying dinner with your family. This machine gives you more value for your money, with an all-steel construction that will last a lifetime. Its rugged titanium blades let you blend anything you like – even ice – all in one machine.

By focusing on benefits — what your product will do for your customer – you make the sales pitch more personal for her. Tell your client how your business can make his or her life easier, and you’re one step closer to making a sale.

# 5. Referrals

Ask your satisfied customers for referrals. Happy customers should have no problem with recommending your product or service to their friends and family. You can encourage this with referral rewards such as a discount for each person who hears about you through your customer.

Increasing your sales doesn’t have to be a complicated, expensive process. By tweaking your current sales methods and getting your customers working for you, you can boost your bottom line without a dramatic increase in your marketing budget.

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