5 Networking Business Hacks: How to Grow Your Network


Networking is a very challenging business. Especially if you’re new with this kind of business, the first hindrance that might come into your mind is that you don’t have enough networks. So here are some tips to help you get started and eventually, expand your network:

  1. Make a list of everyone you know.

Don’t limit yourself. Don’t hesitate. Just write the names down. Start from your college days to your internship days, your neighborhood. List everyone you know. Do not pre-judge them about not being interested in your business. You can also consider friends of friends who might as well be interested doing business with you. Also never grow tired of expanding this network as you meet new people along the way.

  1.  Expand your network by growing your social capital.

This can make your business grow stronger and give the chance for new networking opportunities. Instead of thinking about what you can gain from the network, think about your connections and how you might be of help to them. Focus on listening. Show that you are interested with their needs. This will help you to grow your network naturally. The more people you help the most potential your business has for growth and strength.networking (2)

  1. Think about your networking strategy.

You might have the gift of tongue and easily get into a conversation with other people. But if you want to build a strong network, you must plan and organize your network. Choose among your contacts whom can help you the most and who among them needs your resources and expertise. Prioritize a small group of connections which you can tightly weave. You can’t expect to contact 50 persons in a single day and instantly make a connection. You have to establish trust and credibility in order to strengthen that connection.

  1.  Hang out with people you want to connect with, and always make them know that you are there.

This is true online and offline. Follow up with potential clients through social media and in person. In networking business, your presence must be felt by your clients, to let them know that your business is still running, and you are available when they need your expertise or services.

  1. Be updated with networking events.

From time to time, the trends of networking are evolving and changing. And in order for you to keep up and not be left behind, you must continue attending events that can expand your connections. This may include seminars, training, conferences both online and offline. With the help of these events, the chances for business growth are limitless.

Remember, quitters never succeed. If you want to build your network you must have guts and a strong personality that never surrenders no matter what the challenges are.

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