5 mistakes to avoid when buying book shelves

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NEGOSENTRO.COMWe talk a lot about bedrooms and living rooms which reflect on your personality and how they create an impression of who you are. We also talk a lot about beds, sofas and wardrobes being primary accessories when it comes to decorating the rooms with suitable furniture, whether you stick to the current trends or create your own, but we rarely speak about one piece of furniture that comes second to sofas in the living room set, bookshelves. Speaking of reflections of the persona, we often get so engrossed in the style and color scheme that focusing on the bookshelf becomes too much of a task and we just settle with something that seems ok.

Mistakes to avoid while buying bookshelves

Since we just swing it when it comes to bookshelves, we often come to regret this choice especially if you happen to be a book nerd or have a bookworm living with you. Books reflect your intellect but it also adds a charm to your room, especially if you love the colorful paperbacks. Books also act as a pop out accessory in a modern living room hence having a fitting bookshelf is essential. Whether you prefer a standalone bookshelf or opt for best tv furnitures online which doubles up as a bookshelf too, you need to avoid keep in mind a few pointers:

  • First and foremost, you need to be well aware of the space and size of your room which will house the bookshelf. Instead, investing in a long bookshelf will not be a great idea if you have a smaller space or your room is more rectangular. Here it is best of you choose smaller shelves. Adding baskets or storage chairs nearby to stack books also looks good.
  • The height of your room also determines the height of the bookshelf you should buy. Decorating is also about creating an illusion of more space and having a bookshelf that touches your ceiling is not a grand idea unless you live in a really spacious and high ceiling house.
  • Bookshelves are not just for your books but also used as display for your collectibles. Some bookshelves also double up as study tables, with the central door opening up as the table top. Choosing the right kind is essential and this is made easy if you know the purpose of your bookshelf. Modular ones are better for smaller spaces without lacking in the look department.
  • The material and the design of the bookshelf should be kept in mind when you are buying one. While wood is ideal, giving the old world library feel, more people are moving towards metal ones as they add more to the whole modern minimalistic look. But, if you like to change your room style often, its best you opt for particle board which is a good fit for almost all styles and it fits the budget too.
  • If you like to spread your book collection, it’s best you opt for multiple bookshelves. But do not just go for the standard design, instead you can choose from lean on bookshelves or wall mounted ones to complement the overall feel of the room.

Most of all, you need to do a routine cleanup of the shelves, whether you buy an open bookshelf or a glass covered one. Fix your budget and fit the bookshelf accordingly.