5 Innovative Displays to try out for your Next Event

Innovative Displays

Whether you are promoting your products in a trade show or hosting a networking party, the best way to gain exposure and spread your messages is through displays. In a trade show, for instance, displays are the primary form of attracting an audience. The more innovative and eye-catching your display is, the greater the attention you get. If you are looking for an innovative display that outdoes the flashy and gimmicky stuff everyone uses, read on.

What makes the ‘right’ display?

What makes a particular display ‘right’ for your event? To help you get started in choosing the right one, here are the three important considerations you should bear in mind when comparing different forms of displays.

  • Impact: The right display for your event must stand out. It should inspire visitors to act beyond a glance and want to find out more information about the display message.
  • Branding: Regardless of the purpose of your event, your display should be well designed to reflect your brand or purpose. This means that the display you choose must keep true to the business or purpose standards, imagery, colours, logos, and brand.
  • Subtlety: Catch people’s attention without using intrusive displays. Your display should be attractive and relevant, but it should not harass the senses of your visitors.

The following displays attract attention and leave lasting impressions without irritating your target audience.

  1. Pop up stand

You have probably come across several innovative variations of the pop up stand in trade shows or product exhibitions. This type of display is often used as a backdrop to pass on brand messages or product descriptions and capabilities. It is also popularly used to display schedules and event lists. The pop up stand uses an accordion-style collapsible frame that can be ‘popped’ open when needed, instantly creating a strong frame which supports the material on which your message is printed.

The pop up stand, or pop up frame, can be further customized by adding options such as flashy lights, literature sleeves, and even monitor mounts of other displays. Perhaps the most notable advantage of the pop-up stand is that you can easily convert it into a counter by covering it with a fabric making use of its versatility while saving space.

  1. Table Covers and Runners

Old-school as they may seem, table covers and runners remain some of the best ways to pass on a message during an event. This is particularly true in situations where there are multiple items to sell or give away and where visitors need to register or get specific information. In a convention or a tradeshow, for instance, table covers and runners are the go-to displays because they are stylish and can be branded with ease. Most tabletop displays are messages and colourful graphics printed on a washable polyester material.

Table cover and runner displays are typically printed using the dye sublimation method. They come in all colours and sizes and are very popular because they are reusable, unless specific dates are printed on them. This is an ideal solution if you need an innovative display on a tight budget.

  1. Tension fabric display

A tension fabric display is also known as a portable display. It is a creative display option that offers you unmatched value if you are looking for a way to display vivid graphics without breaking the bank. Tension fabric displays are very popular in trade shows largely because they are made from high-quality wrinkle-free materials, they are seamless and can hold rich colours for longer. They feature aluminium extrusions that make them strong and durable but lightweight. These displays are also easy to set up and dismantle, take up little storage space, and are easy to transport.

Depending on the type of frame you choose, the graphics on a tension fabric display can be pushed over the support frame, applied directly on to the frame with a Velcro, or slipped into extrusion channels. This display may come with additional accessories such as monitor and shelf mounts and lighting.

  1. Modular display system

A modular display is the future of event displays. The most sophisticated modular displays in the market today are made from standardized building block pieces that are held together by aluminium extrusions. This gives these displays a modern futuristic look and capability to support a variety of textures and graphic materials.

Depending on the type of event you are planning, you can go for prefabricated modular displays or order a custom exhibit tailored to your needs. Both of these feature base kits that can be used as they are or customized as required. They are simplistic in design, but they are made to streamline the exhibit process because of how easy they are to set up. As the name suggests, the modular displays can be personalized to fit any display space. They can be further improved with counters, literature holders, monitor, and shelf mounts, as well as lights. If versatility is important in your ideal display type, and you are looking for a solution you can get creative with, then the modular display is what you are looking for.

  1. Outdoor Tents, Flags, and Banners

A combination of tents, flags, and banners will always win when it comes to outdoor displays. While they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, these displays are resistant to the elements, which means they can be used in any weather condition. Most tents, flags, and banners are made from polyester, which makes them cheap to procure and personalize, and are very durable. Outdoor tents can provide practical shelter to your event attendees from adverse weather such as rain and sunlight. If you would like to discover the various options and variations of outdoor tents, flags, and banners, explore the products sections of Tenji Concepts’ website, a specialist in exhibition stands and sign production.

Each of the displays on this list offers multiple ways to personalize and get creative with your messages and graphics. They are flexible enough to allow you to be creative in how you use them, and most importantly, they will make your message stand out. Whether you are hosting an event where there is competition for attention or just need a display that reinforces a message, one of these five innovative display options should work for you.

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