4 Industries That Are Improving Our Homes

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Homes are lasting longer and more valuable than at any point in history. This is largely due to industry leaders taking the initiative to improve our homes in a variety of ways we could have never dreamed of in the past. Some industries that are improving our homes are common sense while some others require you to think outside of the box. So, what industries are currently improving our homes the most?

  • The Mobile Phone App Industry
  • The Construction Industry
  • The Renewable Energy And Energy Efficiency Industry
  • The Home Security Industry

The Mobile Phone App Industry

While it may seem counter intuitive, the improvement of the digital world has actually helped improve our homes. Dozens of mobile apps exist which can help you finish any project under the sun. The mobile app industry has realized that homeowners enjoy the convenience of being able to order a service with one click from the palm of their hand. This has led to the creation of apps for things like house cleaning services and personal food preparation services. These types of apps improve the quality of life of homeowners and allow them to better enjoy their homes. Although apps may only exist in cyberspace, their impacts in the real world can be felt each and every day.

The Construction Industry

Perhaps much more obviously, the construction industry has greatly improved our homes ranging from the shorter time period it takes to build a new home to the improved quality of new homes as well. In addition to this, construction companies are utilizing more recycled materials and a variety of other, longer lasting materials that will give homeowners less troubles over the years when compared to more traditionally constructed homes. These processes both reduce the overall carbon footprint of homes and make them a more enjoyable space to live in.

The Renewable Energy And Energy Efficiency Industries

Renewable energy and energy efficiency have always gone hand in hand. After all, if a renewable energy resource has to produce less energy because it is being used efficiently, the overall cost of the project will fall and your return on investment period can be shortened. When first looking at energy efficiency measures that have improved homes, things like energy efficient appliances come to mind. These appliances reduce your energy bill every month saving you hundreds of dollars in electricity costs annually. Additionally, programmable thermostats have helped homeowners save money while maintaining a comfortable home. This is done by allowing the thermostat to turn down the temperature during the day when you’re away and raising it prior to you returning home. When looking at renewable energy, a home solar system is the most common way to improve your home. The addition of solar panels to your roof can be viewed as an investment that will more than pay for itself over time. The return on this investment can be lessened with things like federal tax credits and a variety of other state specific incentives.

The Home Security Industry

Without a safe home, homeowners can never rest easy enough to truly enjoy it. The home security industry has come a long way from the days of a large dog being your best line of defense against criminals who wanted to break into your home. Many modern security systems for your home use real time video surveillance which will deter even the most experienced criminals from trying to break in. These security systems also sync to your mobile phone so that you can get real time alerts when you are away from home.

The goal of any company, regardless of what industry bucket they fall into, is to serve the customer. Because there are so many homeowners across the country, this is inevitably a massive market to be tapped by all industries. Thanks to a variety of different industries, our homes have improved to a level never before seen.