3 Smart Technology Uses You May Not Have Considered

Smart Technology Uses secure-webhosting Knowing Web Hosting

Smart home and business technology has changed the world every day, and it happens under everyone’s noses.

The internet-connected apps, easy ways to share, and convenient ways to connect with friends are all part of a growing world of communication technology. Collaboration, information sharing, information analysis, and so many other parts of the tech world are running on smartphones and tablets.

The tech is there, but how can you take advantage of it today? Here are a few smart home and business technology influences that you may not have considered.

1. Smart Cameras Deliver Far More Than Security

The old world of security cameras was clunky, sometimes hard to use, susceptible to tearing whenever the tapes failed, and expensive.

Smart cameras have given businesses and individuals the freedom they need to keep their homes and assets safe while minimizing effort.

The technology isn’t entirely new. Security cameras and webcams have been basically computers attached to a camera for a little over a decade now, and the ability to save and download your security video feed has been around for almost as long.

Where does the smart part come in? You’re able to access and control your cameras from mobile devices such as smartphones (iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG, and many other brands), tables, laptop computers, desktop computers, and anything that can run the camera’s app.

The security potential is simple: instead of having to run to a monitor room or a recording deck to check out the camera, you can look at your phone or computer to see the video.

An early warning against intruders is easier and safer, and false alarms are a lot less stressful when you can quickly check out the scene. You can even use security cameras for your own entertainment or for a show if you’d like.

Do you have beautiful scenery outside? Do you and your friends have funny, awesome, or other interesting moments? Do you have their permission to record? While there are better ways to record people for a live production, security cameras allow a candid angle that can add some unique flavor to whatever you want to produce.

From inground pools Oklahoma City to beach parties in Myrtle Beach, you can cover a lot without hurting your arms with a phone in your hands or buying an expensive studio-grade camera kit. Showing off the gentle breeze in your backyard or creating a YouTube channel that shows off the creek near your home is just as great.

2. Smart Sensors Make Planning More Complex, Yet Much Easier

Speaking of pools, how often do you clean the water? Have you noticed any strange smells, color changes, or lower than expected water levels?

It’s hard to notice small changes over time. Quite often, pool owners completely miss contamination until it’s too late and need to completely drain their pool. They may even need to perform emergency cleaning of the pool surfaces and the outside area.

Smart sensors can be added and programmed for almost any purpose. If the sensor exists in any industry, it can be tied to an app.

One simple sensor is a water level sensor. You could get a waterproof sensor that either creates an alert when water levels are too low, or a longer sensor that measures the exact water height with reporting and comparisons.

A more complex sensor can show the pH levels of the water, which can help you measure contamination. Specific sensors that search for specific contaminants as well, but don’t expect Star Trek-levels of sophistication. Sensors that can detect any contamination and deliver an exact name of the contamination are still far off.

If you know a scientist or an industry engineer who has such a sensor, by all means, ask for the technology. The sensor is the only hard part; any kind of sensor is nothing more than an input device to a computer. If the data exists, sending that data to an app for you to read is simple.

3. Hacker Attacks Create Improvements Everywhere

Every smart technology device is a risk and a reward. If you can connect to it, so can hackers.

When hackers figure out ways to break devices, new ideas are born.

Since the dawn of the Information Age, the world of hacking, counter-hacking, security, and innovation has been in a state of constant change, yet hacking culture is largely the same as it ever was.

Hacking is not necessarily illegal or malicious. A hack is just a clever solution to a given problem, but the most infamous types of hacking involves getting in through security and causing problems for others.

For security cameras and sensors, a hacker could spy on you. Of course, with basic security measures such as using strong passwords, you can protect yourself and do more with someone else’s hack.

When hackers break into smart devices, the industry finds better ways to keep them out. This inspires people to figure out more secure passwords, smaller and stronger security algorithms for smart devices, ways to update smart devices beyond being connected to the internet, and ways to protect those updates from even more hacks.

Smart trinkets with a small impact on life can transfer lessons to bigger, more important systems. Hospitals that need faster collaboration with the internet can have already tested security practices, and your home computer can become stronger thanks to the hacks that devastated less important devices.

Security threats lead to security improvements. Contact a tech innovation professionals to discuss other great ways that new technology changes lives in big and small ways every day.