3 Clever Ways to Attract People to Your Trade Show Display Stand


Claire Joson, Negosentro |  Attending a trade show or a business event is a great way to generate a host of new leads and learn about the current trends in your industry. But like all great marketing, it’s all about the results. The more people you attract to your display stand, the more people you convert as leads. The more people that walk right past, the greater the amount of money you end up losing.

So don’t take a backseat when it comes to planning your display booth. You’ve got an amazing chance to really make an impact on your industry. Check out these tips for attracting as many people as possible to your display.

  1. Engage With a Game

For many people, engagement and promotion starts and ends with putting a few pens in a pot on the table and giving away some mugs with the company’s name on them. This is not the most effective way to engage visitors since they will probably spend a few seconds picking up the freebies and you’ll never see them again. But if you set up a game, quiz, or creative prize draw then participants need to spend a few minutes at your booth and you will also be able to collect their details, in exchange for their chance at the prize. Make sure the prize is sufficiently interesting – it doesn’t have to be hugely valuable but it does have to be something people will happily spend a few minutes filling out their details for.  

  1. Make Tech Easy

Does the trade show give everyone free Wi-Fi? If not, create an attraction at your booth by providing this for people who stop and give their details. Or you can set up charging stations with comfy chairs. Or even provide tablets and computers for people to work at. You’ll be encouraging people to spend more than a few minutes at your stand.

You can also help people stay at your stand for longer by making it a comfortable place to take a break for a while, with some comfy chairs, refreshments, and a relaxed atmosphere.

  1. Focus on Your Stand

Your actual display must be eye-catching, or people won’t give it a second glance and won’t see that you are offering giveaways, or free Wi-Fi. Make an impression with the stand itself as well as roll up banners to provide additional information. Pop up Banners are a good way to display information since they can be easily moved around and positioned in the best way to draw attention to what you are offering.