21 Hot Tips For Success


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If you only read one article on this site then let it be this one – our 21 tips for success…

I don’t think it is too wide a statement to say that everybody wants to be successful in some way shape or form.  What “success” means will vary from person to person though – to one person it may be getting to the next level on World Of Warcraft, and to another it will be reaching the next level of promotion in their work.

We all have different goals and different definitions of what “success means to me” ….. however, I think/hope that what we can all agree on is that achieving your goals, whatever they may be, can bring feelings of happiness and success which in turn will make you a more positive person

I for one am a great advocate of “incremental change”.. do something small every day and do it consistently and you will ultimately reach your goals and change your life …   the “even the longest journey starts with a small step” type of philosophy

So with that in mind here are “21 tips for success” … delve in, pick what is relevant to you, and start that long journey today by establishing daily habits which will help you get there ….

Come back to this list regularly (I am working on a printable version for you to download) and constantly review your achievements … anyway, let’s delve in ..

1. Embrace Your Failures and Learn From Them.

It is often said that you learn more from your failures than your successes – ask any successful person and they will have had failures along the way. In fact, I would go so far as to say that what makes a person who they are is how they deal with their first (and subsequent) significant failure.

Your failures will encourage you to try different things, or make more of an effort into what you are doing today. Make a decision to accept failure and learn from it.

2. Always be Questioning.

Always be questioning no matter what situation you are in.

If you don’t know about something ask questions until you do.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions of people who are successful – how did they become successful? What made them what they are today?

If you are always questioning you will always be learning

3. Define What Success Means to You.

The definition of success will be different for everybody.  Guaranteed.  Some may have very lofty career ambitions, others will  be to raise happy and stable kids.

If you can get clear in your own head what success means to you personally, then you can go about taking the steps you need to define and then (hopefully) achieve your goals..

Also take a little reality check in that you have to be realistic about what you can achieve. There are very few people in the world capable of setting a 100m world record (for instance) even if it is their great ambition to do so.

Your vision of success does need to be tempered by your own abilities …

4.Hang Out With Successful People

You are much more apt to achieve success if you hang out with others who are successful.

Think of who you know in your life who inspires you and “hang out” with them (though not in a creepy way). They say success breeds success so bring this into all your relationships.

Also consider those you know that may bring you down and may have a negative effect on your success – friends can do this sometimes if you let them – and consider whether that relationship is having a positive effect on you or not.

5. Find Someone to Become Accountable To:

Rather like a boss looking over your shoulder at work, setting goals and targets works if you have somebody you are accountable to.

Find yourself a mentor/coach/counsellor you can trust and can rely on to provide feedback – good or bad

6. Embrace (and Handle) the Unexpected.

It is perfectly possible that you will come across some wonderful things on your road to success that (to be frank) you weren’t expecting. If this happens then go ahead and embrace to unexpected .. you will almost certainly be glad you did.

However, a word of caution – don’t get diverted unless you are absolutely certain about any new path you are about to embark on

7. Become a Proactive Person.

It is up to you to create your future and you can only truly do that if you become a more proactive person. Plan things in advance but also become the sort of person that “make things happen” …

Also, consider how you react to unexpected situations? Do you get all overwhelmed and down if things go wrong … my new phrase for myself – become a proactive-reactive person!

8. Plan Your Success.

OK, now we start get into planning and actually setting about to plan your success. Goal setting and planning could (and has) filled many books (one of which I am writing at the moment) but the phrase “fail to plan and plan to fail” is very apt..

Start thinking about the steps you need to take to make your goals happen and write them down with a rough timeline …

9. Expect Delays and Challenges Along the Ways.

The best planners and Project Managers (that’s what you are going to be doing – project managing your success) – build in contingency and try and anticipate what could go wrong (this is called risk identification and management).

If you anticipate what can go wrong you will be better prepared when (and if) such events occur

10. Try and Focus on the Bigger Picture.

There a any number of books on this subject as well, the most well known probably being “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff” by Richard Carlson, the general thrust of which is to concentrate and focus on the “bigger picture” – don’t get bogged down by inconsequential stuff, petty arguments … keep focus on the end game and what is important to reach that … in project speak, your “critical path”

11. Have Fun Along the Way.

Don’t forget to have fun along the way. If you are doing something you are actively enjoying then there is a much better chance that you will stick to it and ultimately achieve what you want to achieve …. try and keep smiling so that you are generally known as an “upbeat” person – a “glass half full person” if you will ..

12. Set Small(er) Bite Size Goals

Now we get into “goal setting” proper …

It may be straightforward to define your final goal but it would also help to break down your goals into more bite sized chunks.

For instance, a goal of “running a marathon in 2 years time” could be broken down into “I will run a 10K in 6 months time “…. an earnings goal could be broken down, likewise paying off debts etc etc

The advantage of this approach is partly psychological but also means you will experience frequent injections of success …

13. Define Weekly Goals and a Method to Track.

Here’s one that I really like. Imagine you are at work and you were working on a project. Imagine on Monday that you had to state what you were going to achieve that week and on Friday you had to report on it to your Manager.

The tasks form your “goals for the week” and my advice is to physically write a report at the end of the week outlining what you have achieved

Breaking down your goals will keep you really focused on both short term and long term goals

14. Apply Visual Imagery.

Top athletes apply this technique … the idea is that you close your eyes and imagine what it will look and feel like when you accomplish your success. The more you do this the more you will want it, desire it and ultimately achieve it

Imagine what it would feel like on the day you achieve your goal… would you feel exhilarated? relieved? flushed with success?

Visualize your success every day, you will soon get a taste for the success you deserve

15. Try and Become More Creative.

Start to think “outside of the box” and try and become more creative.

There are books and techniques which can help you do this, but try and come up with different approaches and solutions to achieving your goals. See if you can think differently and take time out – the shower in the morning or a nice long bath are ideal environments to get your creative hat on.

16. Figure Out Your Unique Skills.

Write down what you believe you are good at, then get friends and family to do the same .. your lists may be different!

See if you can find a way to utilize what you are good at to hit your goals, and try and improve what you are not good at by taking education, seeking advice etc etc ….

If you are short of skills to achieve a particular task then ….

17. Ask for Help and Support When You Need It.

Allow others to give you assistance when you need it.

If you need help with your accounts for instance and you know somebody who can do bookkeeping then seek their help to either do the accounts for you or give you a crash course

Also, don’t be afraid to outsource (as long as you can afford it). If you need to get a cleaner to free up some time, then give it due consideration.

Stay connected with your family. They will be invaluable in good times and bad times and will be a constant source of unconditional support.

If you need to employ somebody in your business to perform a specific role then again give it due consideration – the balance of freeing up your time and getting a job done properly may just be worth it …

18. Become a Good Decision Maker

This is another area demanding it’s own book but there are decision making techniques that you can learn to become a good (or more specifically decisive) decision maker.

By all means weigh up a decision, but avoid procrastination at all costs. Try not to “put things off” (it’s all part of dealing with procrastination) – one technique is to deal with the difficult stuff first.

Learn how to become a good decision maker – you won’t regret it …

19. Keep Healthy in Mind, Body and Spirit

Keep as fit as you possibly can by taking regular exercise – it will help you in everything you do…
If there are specific health problems then get them addressed by a professional (ie a doctor)

Get your sleep, learn how to manage your stress levels, and above all take care of yourself.

There is absolutely no point in burning yourself out, it will do nobody any good, so take regular breaks, holidays so that you can come back feeling refreshed and revitalised.

If you have bad habits that affect your health address them. Now. You won’t regret it …

20. Try and Do a Good Deed Every Day

Just try and do something every day to help somebody, lift their spirit or just do a good deed

This can be something as small as holding open a door for somebody but make a point of doing it. It will help your spirits, it will improve other people’s opinions of you, and you will take steps to become a nice(r) upbeat person who is willing to help others

Read books on the “Law of Attraction”…. most of it I am not sure about but as they say “like attracts like” and I firmly believe there is something in it …

21. Provide Help and Support to Others (When They Need It)

If others need help and support then provide it (but set boundaries if you need to). For the same reasons as the tip above.