2020 Business Travel guide: How to get over the worst of it

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Negosentro.com | 2020 Business Travel guide: How to get over the worst of it | To those on the outside business travel might look glamorous, what those people don’t see is the loneliness, boredom and longing for home and it’s not just new travelers who experience it, even more seasoned business travelers have their moments of despair. Whether you have a couple of business trips under your belt or twenty years worth of trips, we have compiled a guide on how to get over the worst of business travel so you can make your business trips a bit more bearable. 

Stay at home 

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how luxurious a hotel is, when you miss your own home you crave all of the creature comforts that come with it. Ditch the hotel and give a fully furnished apartment a try. Blueground is a prop-tech company who offers fully furnished apartments to business travelers so you don’t have to miss out on the comfort of home. Rentals start from 30 days and you can stay for as long as you need to. 

Bring the family 

One of the hardest things about business travel is being away from family, especially if you have children. In recent years, there has been an uptake of business travelers taking their family on trips with them, of course this may not be ideal during school terms unless you homeschool your kids, but during breaks and holidays taking your family with you can allow you to travel for work without missing out on that important family time. If you’re worried about accommodation, renting a Blueground apartment is the perfect way to bring your family on your travels. Blueground’s friendly support can help with all and any of your requirements, you won’t need to compromise on space and best of all, every apartment has a fully equipped kitchen so you don’t have to splash out on family meals out. 

Invest in your tech 

Traveling for work means lots of time on your phone and laptop, for this reason, many travelers invest in a good portable charger (make sure it’s fully charged) and in some cases, travelers buy a second laptop charger which they keep in their case, in case they lose one or it busts. Your tech is the most important thing while you’re on the road, investment means you are prepared for any eventuality.

Stay Healthy 

Unfortunately, consistent travel comes with the downside of catching whatever bug is going around which isn’t good for business if you end up with a cold or virus. More seasoned travelers will tell you that creating a health pack is one way of combating this. This might include painkillers, vitamins and anti-sickness tablets. Travelling may also mean that you don’t get moving a lot in which case bringing a pair of running shoes or your gym kit along is a good idea. Go for a daily jog and get yourself a short term pass at gym or utilise the hotel gym if there is one. 

Be Prepared 

There is nothing worse than feeling the ache of a business trip and having something go wrong. Perhaps you lose your phone with all your contacts or you lose your hotel key. What do you do if you lose your wallet? There are many things that can happen while traveling, but traveling for work adds an extra layer of pressure because you don’t always have the time to rectify issues. So always plan in advance, pack spares, if you have a credit card leave it in your suitcase in case of emergencies. In case you plan your trip to deserted areas, it’s vital to research essential topics like Faiyum Oasis.

Make your spare time downtime.

It might be tempting to use whatever spare time you get catching up on work, sending extra emails and making calls but having downtime is just as important. We recommend using your spare time in different ways; catch up on your favourite Netflix show, make a start on your to-be-read list or be an actual tourist and explore your surroundings. Research what is going on locally before you head off on your next business trip and book onto something of interest. Doing business in San Francisco? Why not book a Napa Valley wine tour and find out how the region makes its wine. Getting out of your accommodation is great for exploring the local culture but also lessens your chances of getting cabin fever. 

And remember, you’re not alone. The travel industry brings in millions of dollars every year from business travel, so you’re not the only one feeling the travel blues. We’d love to hear how you get over the worst of business travel. 


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