10 Top Paying Jobs In The Philippines In 2015 [Infographic]


We all want a good job that pays well. Salary is one of the main concerns jobseekers take into account when choosing a career path or applying for a job. So which ones are the top 10 highest paying jobs in the Philippines in 2015?

JobStreet.com’s Annual Salary Report for 2015 is out, and it’s good news for IT specialists, especially employees in IT – Software and IT – Network, System, and Database Administration! No matter if you’re a fresh grad or a manager, specializing in IT will give you a good salary as the industry is booming.

To compile this list, JobStreet.com focused on different aspects of employment for 2015. While last year they focused on the highest paying jobs based on experience, this year they focused on specializations. “After all, the first thing Filipinos consider when looking for a job is the fit between the available opportunity to their field of study, skills, and interests,” their press release says.

With JobStreet.com’s report, you can see how your salary compares to others who are in the same specializations as you, whether you’re a fresh grad or a manager. (If you’re making a lot less, you can even use this information as leverage when you ask for a raise!)

Considering a career change? Forecast your financial future by finding out the average salaries for your desired position. And if you’re just going into college, you can see which career paths would be the most lucrative, and decide which one you want to take.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in the Philippines 2015

via iMoney Philippines

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