10 Best Sites Like Liquidation.com to buy Liquidation Stocks

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Liquidation Wholesale companies are as important to small businesses as to large retailers. To ensure fast shipping large retailing companies like eBay, Amazon, Walmart etc. buy goods in huge lots from the manufacturer and stockpile them in their warehouses from where they can directly ship the orders. But oftentimes the goods they end up buying become surplus or there are certain items which aren’t selling that well. The companies need to empty the space for new products which have better potential and decide to sell off the surplus inventory at a lower rate to the Liquidation companies who then sell or auction off the items to smaller businesses at a discounted rate.

Liquidation.com is an online business front for Liquidity Services which a US-based liquidation wholesale company. They have been in this game for a long time and are able to provide a wide range of goods. They allow their customers to open and sealed bids. In the first one, the customer can be aware of the competitor’s bid while in the latter one just has to bid and hope for the best. Liquidation.com has over 3 million customers in over 200 countries. Here are some other sites like Liquidation.com.


The first site on this list has to QuickLotz.com. They have been able to satisfy their customers and have been able to establish themselves as one of the best in this market. The headquarters of the company is present in Rutherfordton, North Carolina. They have a large and exclusive inventory which feature a wide variety of products. They put intense effort into their customer support and this is an important factor for small businesses.

QuickLotz.com don’t auction off their goods rather the prices are set and are sold by either in the unit of truckloads or pallet lots. For small lots, the company provides free nationwide shipping. They have contracts with some of the best retailers in the markets thus ensuring low liquidation rate as well as the best available goods.


Bulq is a Wahington-based liquidation wholesale company which is owned by Optoro. Optoro is a reverse logistics company i.e. they deal with reuse of goods. Bulq has contracts with some of the top retailers and suppliers in the US. This ensures a wide variety of best products in the market available at lower rates. They refresh their liquidation inventory three times a day. They have set prices for their goods some of which are non-negotiable. Also, there is a limit to the amount of purchase one can make in a day. One can only make $10,000 worth of purchases per day. Their shipping fee is fixed and will be calculated accordingly. But if one wants they can arrange for their own shipping.

3. 888 Lots

888 Lots is a US-based liquidation wholesale company which is headquartered at Linden, New Jersey. They are a nice and customer friendly company. To buy goods from 888 Lots one needs to register and fill out a customer form. There are a few rules to doing business with them or in fact most such companies. If you are a customer from the US you need to have a valid resale certificate. If you are not from the US then you need to provide a valid business certificate. They don’t auction their goods rather they have a fixed price on lots. You do get some leeway to negotiate the prices with their sale representatives. They provide lots of info along with their pallets which include but are not limited to the product description, amazon seller’s rank, and estimated profit.

4. BoxFox

BoxFox is an online US-based liquidation company. It deals only with new products, not customer returns i.e. they only sell surplus inventory. Their purchase system is an auction one. They appraise the value of the goods based on market research and previous sales. The customers then get to bid below or above this value as they see fit. This company is unique in a way that it sells products directly from the retailers. Thus, they are unable to provide the shipping cost at the time of auction. BoxFox does, however, provide with various information on the goods including photos, description, market value estimation, and profit calculating tools.

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