10 Apps Every Small Business Owner Should Have [Infographic]

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Running a small business is practically a 24/7 job. Every aspect of the company falls under your control and this can often leave you trying to handle several tasks at once, so you’ll need to keep organised and have all of your ducks in a row. In recent years, a large number of really useful apps have been developed to make the lives of business owners a little bit easier, and in the infographic below from All Finance Tax (http://allfinancetax.com/income-tax-return-service/), we see some of the best of the bunch.

For example, a consistent flow of communication between staff and management is vital, and it is easily achievable through Skype for Business. As you will probably know by now, Skype is a revolutionary method of streamlining several communication methods so that people can easily contact one another in a flash.

Time management is another essential business function, and apps such as RescueTime provide great help with this. That particular app monitors how much time you spend on business tasks and communications, as well as suggesting how you can use your time more productively.

If you own a small business and you find it challenging to keep on top of everything, these apps could be just the help that you need.

via http://allfinancetax.com/income-tax-return-service/
via http://allfinancetax.com/income-tax-return-service/


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