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Why Mobile Marketing Requires Customized Messaging

Businesses should use a more personal approach when connecting with consumers via their mobile devices, new research shows.
A study from mobility solutions provider Infinite Convergence Solutions revealed that nearly half of the mobile-phone owners who don’t receive mobile messages from businesses would subscribe if messages were customized to their specific needs or preferences, thus signaling a need for businesses to shift from mass messages to more personalized information.


“Consumers want tailored information and experiences,” said Anurag Lal, CEO of Infinite Convergence. “Understanding who the consumer is and how to forge a connection is crucial to push consumers to act on the mobile messages they receive.”
Overall, the research found that 36 percent of mobile phone owners subscribe to receive mobile messages from businesses, with 90 percent of mobile-phone users getting messages from as many as five different retailers.
“The number of mobile and smartphone owners is steadily increasing, and as a result, consumers are using these devices as their mainstream means of all communication,” Lal said. “SMS and MMS messaging is the most ubiquitous and convenient form of communication and a platform businesses must leverage to reach consumers.”
The study shows businesses need to use special promotions to attract customers for their mobile-messaging campaigns. Of those who don’t currently subscribe to text messages from businesses, 38 percent would subscribe if offered a deal, special savings or secret sale notification. Such techniques provide retailers with ample opportunity to engage customers on the device they use most, Lal noted.
The research found that mobile messaging is also being used in the corporate environment, with 45 percent of mobile-phone owners using mobile messaging for business correspondence. Specifically, communication among colleagues is the most popular use: More than 60 percent of those surveyed who send mobile messages for business purposes said they believe official information from their employer is the most valuable information to receive.
The study surveyed 547 consumers about their mobile-messaging habits and behaviors.
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