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Why CEOs Have to Personally Get Involved in Social Media

by Glenn Gow | shared from MarketingTech

I recently read several articles about why CEOs should personally be involved in social media. And I’m here to tell you, I disagree.

I am a strong believer that CEOs should support a company’s social media efforts. I also happen to be a strong believer that CEOs should support the company’s sales efforts and the company’s marketing efforts and the company’s manufacturing efforts and finance efforts, etc.


But to make a case that a CEO needs to be personally involved in social media is no different than making a case that they need to be personally involved in every other function of  the company. A CEO’s main focus is to direct the activities of those who own these functions.

Naturally, the critics will proclaim “but wait, the CEO should be the voice of the company”. While I agree the CEO is one of the key voices of the company, I don’t think they should personally spend time trying to figure out exactly how to use social media to maximize the impact of their voice.

The approach that makes the best sense is to capture the CEO’s material, content, and thoughts to create company content that can be repurposed across social media campaigns and channels.

But more importantly, this content  should be repurposed and made readily available for employee use to help ensure the company’s unified voice.

The CEO’s job is not to directly participate in social media. Instead, the CEO inspires valuable content that can be disseminated across an integrated marketing and sales approach for the company as a whole.

As far as the CEO’s content usage across social media channels, it is the function of marketing to determine exactly how that content is used, and exactly how the CEO’s personal online presence (if in existence) is managed.

Tell me CEOs, do you think you should be spending time on social media?

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Glenn Gow is founder of Silicon Valley-based Crimson Marketing. He is an expert in marketing strategy for tech companies, especially in digital marketing, demand generation, and social (selling and marketing). Follow his insights on tech marketing at the Crimson Marketing Blog

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