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Why 98% Of New Entrepreneurs Fail With Their Online Marketing And Business Ventures


by Hendrik Behrens

“Location, Location, Location.”

For example, an attractive, nicely merchandised store in a mall or on a busy shopping street usually means instant feet and traffic – thus sales, revenue and profits!


However, in the online world of the world-wide-web, no one just happens to “surf” past, see the entrepreneur’s product or service and visit the website. The general internet user, surfing the internet is not specifically looking for the product or the business. People primarily search for information, which they can use for solutions to their personal or corporate problems. After all, if they personally knew the entrepreneur and knew his business existed, they would not be searching for it. They would already be customers.

In order for entrepreneurs to survive or be successful on the Internet, they must generate their own constant flow of traffic. Thus their primary task is to provide information in the form of high value content, so that when people are searching for it, they will find it quickly, since the valued content is in the format the Search Engines prefer it. This must happen well before they even try to make their first sale or contract to a potential new customer.

Once entrepreneurs manage to do that their higher search ranking (or SEO ranking) at the various search engines will make their website easier to find by their targeted market. Their quality content, which primarily consists of words, is what will build their credibility in the minds of their visitors and converts them into warm pre-sold customers.

From there onwards these entrepreneurs can easily get their clients to click-through to their monetization model, which is their main means to generate their income.  That could be their landing or order page for their product, or their merchant’s site that their represent as an affiliate, or their contact form for hiring details, or Google’s Adsense program, etc.

For entrepreneurs primarily this is what an effective

“Theme-Based-Content-Rich-Website” is all about!

It is critical for entrepreneurs today to make the offline-to-online mind shift and only then will they join the 2% of small business owners who succeed on the Internet.

Their primary focus for their website should be on…

Information, Information, Information”

Only by building a Theme-Based-Content-Rich-Website will entrepreneurs be growing their clientele from their target market of traffic within their niche. Taking up responsibility for, and owning, their traffic is essential to their longevity on the Internet. This is simply because if entrepreneurs don’t owntheir traffic, they don’t own their business.

An effective Theme-Based-Content-Rich-Website will be easily searched and quickly found by prospective customers. This number of potential new clients will increase steadily as this site gains in its rankings strictly through its reputation and relevance at the Search Engines. In other words, entrepreneurs need to build a website that works for them, and not them working for their website!

So how do entrepreneurs build a site that works for them?

It all boils down to a very simple process, yet it needs to be followed step-by-step:

  1. Firstly they should offer or develop a valuable product or service, whichcan be their own creation or someone else’s.
  2. Then they need to get or develop a website in the niche chosen for their business venture.
  3. This website then needs to be filled with unique-high-value content.
  4. These entrepreneurs can then use thiscontent and copy to attract their own traffic within their specific target market of their niche.
  5. This will give the entrepreneurs the opportunity to build trust and credibility with their visitors, which are their potential new clients.
  6. Then content and copy can be used to pre-sell to their targeted visitors.
  7. Convert thispre-sold, warm, willing-to-buy traffic into sales and revenue.

It is also best for entrepreneurs to diversify their revenue plan to include other monetization options. This can include, but are not limited to; Google’s AdSense, affiliate income, services, etc. This diversification will help them to grow a stable business that theyown, and one that is with true equity. Yet, it is very important that all information are still related to the website’s theme-based-content. For example an entrepreneur cannot decide to sell dog food on his website which has a landscaping theme-base.

The process is simple, straightforward and easy once entrepreneurs decide to shift their thinking to…

…Content & Information first…


…revenue generation, second…

There are simply no other variables to blindside entrepreneurs’ goals.  If they follow and implement each step of this process correctly, their online business venture will prosper.   As long as they succeed at all the steps mentioned above.  And the good news is that all entrepreneurs can succeed if they combine motivation, the right process and tools, as well as hard work.

So why then do 98% of online businesses and entrepreneurs fail?  Sadly, as owners they started with and continued to follow the wrong process…

  • Create a product/service.
  • Create site to sell a product/service.
  • Add payment and fulfilment solutions.
  • Die due to lack of traffic.

Most small businesses fail because they skip several of the important steps.  These entrepreneurs prepare to sell and collect money, before they have provided what their visitors are searching for – Content & Information.  This still happens in spite of the fact that these types of results are completely avoidable.

Successful online entrepreneurs and small business owners realize that product or service development is really an extension or logically the next step to developing a Theme-Based-Content-Rich-Website. That is what sets this 2% apart from the rest. This 2% that succeed on the Internet build targeted, interested traffic by providing the type of high value content that their visitors are searching for and that the Search Engines like.

These smart business owners prepare their clients for the sale through excellent content about a profitable niche/theme related to the concept of their product or service.  As a result, these pre-sold visitors are more open to their sales offers and convert more quickly into enthusiastic customers and lasting clients.

The other 98% of entrepreneurs that fail build a website to sell and somehow figure that traffic will magically just show up at their “doorstep” and that these visitors will be willing to buy or hire immediately…

Wrong thinking… wrong process… thus wrong results!


About the Author

I am a young successful driven entrepreneur who have a passion to help and assist people. I like to meet like-minded individuals and hopefully network with them effectively. In the last few years I really struggled to get an effective market strategy to market my company, till a was recommended to a very successful marketing company.  By following their effective step-by-step guide it did not just started to generate new consistent leads daily, it also placed me in a position where I am able to assist and coach others to implement this marketing campaign for their companies too.

Connect or contact me to get to know me better or learn how to get real results from your advertising.

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