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What I Learned from? MLM Guru Larry Thompson

by Ray Rigdon

Yesterday I got back from a powerful day with Taylor and Larry Thompson and wanted to share my notes with you. He is a guru of an MLM Guru and his training was the very best I have ever received in this industry.


Who the Heck is Larry Thompson?

Larry has over 45 years of experience in the Network Marketing industry. Him and Mark Hughes started Herbalife out of the trunks of their car and together they built it into a billion dollar company, just to be attacked by the government, lose almost everything, and then within five years build it right back to a billion dollar company.

My company, Numis Network, has hired Larry Thompson as a consultant to personally train myself and the other leaders. If you ever wanted to be trained by someone who has generated well over $100 million in commissions, check out yesterdays post on how we are doing this with our National Expansion team.

Video Notes from Larry Thompson and his Millionaire Training:


Bonus Video: How to Triple your Volume in 5 Days or Less (by Todd Falcone)



Source: Ray Rigdon (photo from United Networker Magazine)



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