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Tips for Marketing a Real Estate Business


Networking is often the best way to market your real estate business. This involves socializing and developing connections with other professionals within your industry or with organizations where your potential clients might frequent. Even if you can’t afford to hire a marketing company to promote your real estate business, there are opportunities for the budget-minded real estate professional to build a business successfully.


Developing a brand for the real estate business includes a catchy slogan and logo to convey your business’s expertise. If you specialize in land or commercial real estate sales, make the logo and slogan reflect that expertise. Use a consistent design and colors for all your signs, advertising and business cards. The object is for consumers to immediately recognize your brand and identify it with your field of expertise. Your logo and slogan conveys your image, therefore avoid using a logo or slogan that makes you look less than professional.
Community Involvement
Being involved with your community and joining local service groups can be a boost to your business. Avoid joining an organization if you are unable to fulfill your organizational duties, as that can do your image more harm than not joining. Volunteer with local charities and network with groups that can bring you potential clients and customer referrals.
Client Relationship
Ongoing relationships with your clients are important. Satisfied clients bring you future business and future referrals. Keep in touch with old clients by sending out newsletters, holiday cards or give them an occasional phone call. Responding quickly to your client’s needs often brings more financial rewards than an expensive marketing program. Collect referral letters from satisfied clients, to use when marketing the business. Obtain your client’s permission before using his letter.
Online Exposure
Develop an online marketing strategy and take advantage of online marketing techniques which require time as opposed to money. These include a presence on social networks like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and real estate blogging. Develop an interactive real estate website and collect email addresses from prospective clients willing to accept a weekly real estate email newsletter from you. Send out a weekly email newsletter using the addresses you collect.
Visual Tours
Market your listings using videos and virtual tours of the property. It is possible to post free videos on YouTube.com. For a fee, post your real estate virtual tours on real estate listing websites. Hire a professional to stage your listings for optimum appeal and use a professional photographer to take the listing photographs.
Source: eHow.com 
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