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The Influencing Powers of Mobile Apps

by Jack Sutton | shared from Tech Me More

There is no denying the rate at which mobile phone applications are increasing. There’s a mobile app for everything that you can think of. Because of this more and more people are increasingly becoming dependent on their Smartphones for any kind of requirement.

Recent statistics indicate that although mobile application development has already taken a centre stage in the modern day business, one can expect to it play an even bigger role in the entire economic system, shortly. Businesses of all sizes have to grab the opportunity to have their mobile apps developed if they really want a thriving business in the years to come.

Role of Mobile apps in Business

Many detailed researches have shown that the use of mobile applications has been rated as more important when compared with carrying individual devices or the use of HTML5. Many businesses have been found to use cross platform compatible mobile apps to propagate their business in a large way, through a large cross section of their consumer base.

It has also been found that apps that focus on customer service are the highest in terms of development demand, since more and more number of business owners are planning to give their customers a “special” user experience so that they can win the loyalty of their customers.

Customers respond very well to sophisticated and stylish apps that help them to carry out a number of processes that include inquiry or even shopping. On a general perspective, it is easy to observe that Smartphones and the tablets are slowly yet steadily set to dominate the user circles. Productive capacities of individuals have really increased with the onset of an era where Smartphones and Tablets practically own the show.

Consumer’s take on Mobile Apps

Customers love Mobile apps. Period. There’s no doubt in the positive reception generated by mobile apps that’s why more and more apps are being developed. It is a very common observation that any product or service thrives owing to its proportional demand. If the demand for a particular product or service isn’t there, then, for obvious reasons, it would stop. This is why the growth in the mobile application development sector highlights the kind of response it is getting from the customers.

You will be surprised to know that mobile application viewing and surfing comprises about 10% of the internet traffic. The best thing about mobile apps is that it gives a consumer the power to be all over the web (globally) from wherever he is. Since Smartphones and the tablets are portable devices it completely eliminates the need for a person to be available near or at some specific place. “On the go” is the new mantra.

Using Mobile Apps

Since we have already established the kind of responses that mobile application development has met with, it becomes important to understand and identify how to harness this power. It is important to become aware that mobile application not a “fad” that will pass. By no means, something so powerful and engaging can go away. This is set to create major revolutions.
Investors and consumers alike have used and appreciated this technology. We can expect many more advances in this field as technology will keep evolving. Talented developers are creating mobile apps for various segments like:

•    Business
•    Technology
•    Entertainment
•    Multimedia
•    Gaming
•    Education
•    Lifestyle
•    Travel

And many more.

For now, the customers are contented with whatever is being offered to them, but soon, they will start expecting a mobile option even from companies that do not have a very strong online presence. That will definitely create a really bad turn in terms of business for those companies. If you have a business of any size or nature now is the time to venture into this segment to ensure that when the demand arises, you are already there in the market with your roots going deep.

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