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The Biggest Business Dilemma:Regular Job in the Office or a Home-Based Business?

by Amanda Kidd | digmlm.com
These days finding a good paying regular job has become challenging. In most cases, individuals are hardly able to cope up with their ever-increasing bills and even before the month comes to an end, they are usually broken. And all those who are lucky enough to crack an interview for a high paying job, mostly complain of stress and heavy work-load. In such a scenario the advent of internet jobs have opened the gateway to freedom for many. However, there always exists an argument that which is better, regular job in the office or a home-based business?


Let us peep into some of the healthy and un-healthy arguments on either side to reach a conclusion.
1. Which job offers more money?
We all work for different reasons, some work to remain occupied while others may work to get recognition, but one factor that none of us want to compromise with, is money. While a regular job gives you an assurance of fixed monthly salary, it also has negative aspects like stress, deadlines and the cost of commuting involved. On the other hand, freelancers have to bear the cost of internet and telephone bills, but if they take up multiple projects and work in a disciplined manner, they can earn more than those who opt for regular jobs. The reason is that if they work more, they earn more. Whereas, in a regular job no matter how much you work, your salary is fixed.
2. Who dominates the social status?
Now when it comes to high social ranking, there is no argument that can support freelancers or home-based business. The regular worker is the sole winner. There might be many individual reasons behind this. However, the important factor is unawareness and the risk involved. Though, freelancing jobs have gained much popularity, it is more common among the youngsters. The middle-aged or older ones are either not aware about such options or are not willing to risk their living.
3. Who is constantly under pressure?
This is actually a very tricky question as most of us may feel that an owner of home based business is generally free from pressure and this is a negative point only for regular workers. Well, this is only partially true, as freelancers also have to struggle to maintain the quality of their work in order to get regular projects. Moreover, even though they have the luxury and the freedom to work from home, they also have to organize and give dedicated hours to work to sustain and earn a healthy living.
4. Which job offers more learning?
When it comes to learning, the ball lies in the freelancer’s court. The reason is that they have the power to make decisions, explore various opportunities and be more adventurous. The regular workers mostly specialize in one area only, and even though they enjoy the authority of decision-making, they always have a boss to whom they are answerable.
Overall, home based business has the potential to earn a proper and a sustainable living like the regular jobs. It remains an individual’s choice to choose either of the career options based on skills and interest. However, it should be noted that if desired both could go hand in hand as well.
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