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Social Networking Advertising – Crucial Social Networking Advertising Strategies

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Tip #1: The “Big Brother” of Your Business

Google, Pixar, Facebook… have one thing in common. They are hailed for their unique company culture. Social networking can be used to give consumers a look into the culture of a company. It will serve as the camera that allows customers to look into how your company works, how you treat your employees, and how great your culture is… provided, of course, that it is indeed, great. For this medium to be effective, your company culture should be able to reflect on the products you have to offer and maintain a high level of customer service, in order to gain fans on social media websites.

Social Networking for Small Business Tip #2: Make it Personal

Social networking advertising is a lot more personal compared to traditional online marketing mediums. This is because it allows you to interact directly with the consumer, thereby breaking down those barriers between the business and the consumers. This, in turn, makes it easier for you to relate closely with your audience that could lead to brand loyalty.

Social Networking for Small Business Tip #3: Update Them

A business “fan page” presents the opportunity to offer special promotions to your consumers, perform product launches or keep your customers up-dated on the products and services offered by your business.

Social Networking for Small Business Tip #4: Let Them Talk and Share

Social networking advertising offers consumers a heightened sense of engagement, by allowing them to create their own content on your “fan page”. This interactivity also offers your business an opportunity to hear the opinions of your consumers and to make any amendments where necessary.

Social Networking for Small Business Tip #5: Bandwagon

This medium also facilitates multiple ad-views. People on social networks tend to notice the number of views your ad has been able to achieve; the higher the number the more interest it will garner and the more visibility for your business.

Strategies For Social Networking Advertising

Building a social network community can be a bit challenging because consumers can be demanding when it comes to content and you will need to keep them happy if you hope that they will spread the word about your business or just to maintain their brand loyalty. Therefore, content is king when it comes to the useful application of this marketing medium. For your content to be effective, you should make sure to stay abreast of the latest and hottest trends, to keep your content fresh and interesting. Typically the most useful content you can utilize is giveaways, useful advice, perks, etc. Here are some of the major factors you should consider while utilizing this medium:

Social Networking Advertising Strategy #1: Do Not Sell Them

Part of the fun of social networking advertising is the casual approach towards establishing contacts and potential sales online. But the most critical mistake is to approach your consumers in a businesslike manner too quickly. Most consumers will be completely turn-off by this approach, regardless of what you are selling. Therefore, make sure to introduce yourself first in some manner, for example by responding to a blog or post made by a potential sale. Then after you have established some level of trust, you can go ahead and perform a sales pitch.

Social Networking Advertising Strategy #2: Create Compelling Content

It has often been said that the average attention span of web users, is around 8 seconds. That is a very small window for you to find a way to engage your audience, which you must none the less do. Therefore, think about what you have to say and find a way to say it in way that is interesting and entertaining to your audience.

Social Networking Advertising Strategy #3: Personalize Your Content

One of the biggest mistakes you should avoid, is to put impersonal and bland content on your “fan page”. No one wants to read long and boring explanations of your products or services, because social media websites, for most consumers, are an out let to have fun, rather than do the normal things in life. Personalized content will allow your business to relate closely to your audience, and thus keep them engaged even for future reference.

Social Networking Advertising Strategy #4: Give Them A Behind The Scenes Look Into Your Business

The online shopping experience does not match up to a normal shopping experience; you don’t get to touch any goods or services or deal with customer friendly employees. But there is a way to fill the void; you can post a fun video of your team or your products to show to the online community. The more transparent your organization is, the better your chances that your audience will be able to trust and buy from you.

Social Networking Advertising Strategy #5: Offer Deals

Everybody loves free stuff and what better way to motivate your audience to buy your products, than to offer additional free packages together with a purchase.


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