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Social Media: Efficient Gender Targeting with FB Ads [White Paper]

shared from Resolution Media | Kenshoo Social

Per eMarketer, almost four billion dollars in advertising budgets were spent on Facebook ads during the past year, and that number is expected to grow to more than six billion in 2014. Meanwhile, Facebook continues to grow its user base as more people join the world’s largest social network and spend more time within its walls. ComScore reports that the average Facebook user spends more than 6 hours on Facebook each month.


Advertising on Facebook has become a very important channel for major brands, but successful social media campaigns require a deep understanding about how the Facebook population engages with ads. 

This report is the third in a series of Social Media Insights from digital marketing leaders Resolution Media and Kenshoo Social. Our first report, “Metrics that Matter,” revealed key performance indicators to measure performance of Facebook Ads – Exposure Rate and Frequency. Our second report, “Social Media Advertising Global Games,” broke down Facebook ad performance by country. 

This report answers important questions about how women and men engage differently with ads on Facebook. 


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