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Social Communities: A Proven User Engagement Tool for Game App Marketers [w/ Free eBook]

With over 152,000 active titles in the App Store, not only are games the largest category – they also appeal to a unique and valuable audience. Game consumers can be fiercely loyal to the favorites, as well as excited about new games, actively seeking out the next game to master.  To share their excitement and find the next hot game, many join communities where they can discover new games, read and write game reviews, get tips on beating the next level, or brag, trash-talk, and chat with other players. This community emphasis is a big opportunity for game app marketers to find new players.


Gamers and publishers building connections
You can see the difference in the App Store reviews for games. The current number one paid games app, Minecraft, is full of comments like “In the next up date please add roller coaster tracks” to “When will the red stone update come out?” as well as tips, tactics, and general enthusiasm.
Outside of App Store reviews, a dominant hub for many of these conversations and communities is social media. Publishers have learned that social media followers are dedicated and interested gamers, and so many have found success in making their own Twitter accounts and founding communities. Angry Birds, for example, has nearly 600K followers, and interacts with them with questions such as “What’s your favorite Angry Birds game?” and tweets about game updates. Angry Birds has successfully created a community that fosters engagement and delivers rewards for their followers.
The opportunity for game app marketers
You don’t have to be Angry Birds to take advantage of the social nature of gamers. These days, popular incentivized networks can offer an integrated social play that is incredibly beneficial for game marketers. On our own network, FreeMyApps, there are over 300K dedicated followers who have entrusted their social media network as a source for finding new games. We see the excitement in comments on our social channels all the time, like “I just got that one today! When’s the next sponsor app coming?” as well as all the likes, retweets, and favorites that roll in.
Incentivized ad networks are a proven, common component of game app marketing – but not all of them include the social promotion that can give you an extra boost of active players. Loyal followers of app discovery sources like FreeMyApps come to actively seek out games, share their favorites, and comment on them with other users. An app marketing campaign with a strong social component offers game developers the ability to connect with the most engaged, high-quality users. For more factors to be looking for when choosing an app discovery incent network, download our eBook: Top 10 Tips to Identify High-Performance App Discovery Incent Networks.
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