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Safe House: Home Security Systems of the Rich and Famous

by Robert Scott | shared from John Hart Real Estate

How do your security systems measure up against the Elite of the Elites?

For the 1% uber-fwealthy (filthy wealthy) around the world security been taken to new level of WOW!  For those fortunate enough to still own a home after the global mortgage meltdown the super wealthy are taking extreme measures to secure their safety against a wide range of threats.  Some of these threats are the usual like burglary and natural disasters.  However for the elite exposure to extreme threats like protestors, angry mobs, hijackers & pirates require extreme counter measures.

In the average American home a panic room is usually a closet, bathroom, or a short fall from a window.  In keeping with elite luxuryism, why be bothered while your home is being invaded when you can relax in style in your “Safe Core” until the threat passes!  Costing approximately $150,000 (that is on top of the cost of the rest of the home and property) you can secure an area the size of an average home within your mansion.  Re-enforced windows, floors, ceilings and doors protect against bullets, bombs and fire.

Ok, let’s assume that the intruder has managed to make it past the security gate and breached the deadbolt on your front door.  From your “Safe Core” command control center you can monitor the intruders while you wait for the authorities to arrive or you can return the threat to your intruders by gassing them with a non-lethal sleep compound or pepper spray laced fog.

Fog Blast Cost: $7,000 – $10,000 per unit (how many rooms in your mansion?)

If the invaders managed to escape the fog blast and remain a persistent threat in the home there’s always the shotgun shell defense system as a last resort.   Designed to operate remotely, the system is hidden in walls and ceilings and discharges 15 shotgun shells with deadly force when activated.

Shotgun Shell Weapon Cost: N/A (depends on how much your defense attorney charges for counsel)

For most of us a quick get-a-way is usually out the back door and to your closest neighbor’s home to call the police.  Well the elite might need to quickly flee the city or country and what better way to do that in style but with your own personal helicopter.  These days it’s not enough to own 17 exotic sports cars and a museum style garage, true elites have a heliport to boot!

Heliport Cost:  $60,000 – $100,000 (does not include cost of helicopter)

Once you’ve made your escape in your private chopper to the nearest airport where you’re scheduled for departure on your G4 Gulfstream to an international destination, are you safe yet?  For most probably, but for 1% international destinations can be very tricky.  Tricky enough in fact to install an anti-missile defense system called Boldstroke DIRCM by BAE Systems.  The system uses electronics and infrared jamming countermeasures to disrupt missile tracking systems.

Anti-Missile Devices Cost:  Approximately $1 million (add 30 – 60 million for the G4 not including maintenance and operation costs of $3,000 per hour)

If you don’t like to fly and would rather travel by ocean you can rest assured that your safety is secured on your floating fortresses with the addition of a master panic room on board.  The panic room pictured above offers the same protection as a home “Safe Core” against small arms fire, rifle fire and bomb blasts with the addition of command and communications to maintain control over the vessel.

In addition to a panic room, you also have the ability to guard against hijackers gaining unauthorized access to board the ship with a footstep detector.  Designed to monitor the slightest pressure change across the deck surfaces, as soon as a footstep is registered the ships cameras can be trained to focus in on the movement.

  • Master Panic Room Cost: $250,000 – $500,000 (for a single cabin citadel room with windows)
  • Footstep Detector Cost: $30,000 (for a mid-sized super-yacht)

I am regrettably not yet part of the 1%, but for now my home security tactical countermeasures, footstep detector and “Safe Core” panic rooms are provided by my German Sheppard “Maximillion”.  Currently debating whether I should upgrade to the titanium capped K9’s and bulletproof vest complete with remote surveillance camera and night vision Doogles like that of the Navy Seal Teams.

For now, the closest I’ve come on spending millions on my home security system is in the name I’ve given it.

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