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Productivity Tools Every Work-at-Home Professional Should Have

To save money on commute and avoid worrying about managers breathing down their necks, many Filipinos now regularly work from home. Although some might find they are more productive without the structure provided by a regular office job, there are those who experience difficulties in staying focused outside a workplace setting. It is good to know that there are many tools that can help in dealing with the challenges. Some of them are listed below:

For Note-Taking

These are essential for gathering and saving important information that you might need in the future. With them, you can save web clippings and log-in details as well as write down instructions from your clients.

Most home-based entrepreneurs can already work with a pen and notepad but if you would like to create, save, and synchronise your virtual notes, you can use apps like

One Note




This way you can share information and collaborate with teammates or employees easily. Plus, you won’t have to worry about losing a note in the trash bin.

For Time Tracking

These help track the amount of time spent on a certain activity. If you are going to use such an application, you should look for the kind that records how many minutes are spent on a project and the description of your activity. This way, you would have a better guarantee of payment for the time and effort you invested.

There are several time tracking apps online that you could use like:


With the data you can gather with them, you can see the average duration that it takes for you to tackle a task. This would then enable you to set accurate goals for improvement.

For Scheduling

These are for organising your meetings, events, and appointments easily. This way you are sure not to miss out on important discussions on projects, payment, contracts, specification changes, or deadline extensions.

Traditionally, you would have a wall calendar or planner to mark dates down. But for work-at-home professionals who use the computer everyday, you can use,

Google Calendar


Go to meeting

Or even your PC’s built-in calendar to schedule meetings and events with team mates, clients, employees, etc.

For Task Management

Often, a project is broken down into several assignments, and handling several to-dos all at once can be overwhelming for the home-based entrepreneur. That’s where proper task management comes in.

Tools for creating checklists can help you manage your everyday activities. You can use a minimal or feature-rich app to help you slowly but surely complete jobs.

Here are some highly recommended tools:


Remember the Milk



For Project Management

This is a collection of the aforementioned tools summed into a single interface. You can use this to track time, attach and share files, schedule activities, manage tasks, and more. Some of the more feature-packed variety even have invoicing and CRM built into their systems. Examples you can use are:



Although some can be a bit pricey (as they are usually under paid plans), it is great for online businesses where people need to work efficiently with others. If you manage a lot of activities, files, emails, and people, subscribing to this type of software can be beneficial.


With the right set of tools, you can sustain your productivity levels even as you work at home. To further raise your efficiency, it would be wise to arrange for a virtual office. Doing this will enable you to free up more time which you can use to focus more on your work. Instead of having to juggle correspondence and answer phone calls, you would be able to complete more projects and get more clients which, of course, equals to more pay.



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