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Network Marketing Hype – Can You Still Make Money?

by Syazril Izmal

Network marketing is a very misunderstood industry. It has been around more than 30 years and it is still growing at a very rapid pace.

Network marketing is not a hype. It is a genuine income earning opportunity. Probably because of its unconventional nature it is seen as a hoax or quick rich scheme. Let’s compare it with the conventional business model.


For those who are yearning to break out from their day to day routine, research has shown that the number 1 reason for not starting a business is capital.

It is either they do not have the financial capacity to start, or they lack the knowledge for raising capital. Even a small capital would take them back around $20,000 and further risks are involved.

For example, if you start a cafe, you would need to have a lease, buy equipments, hire staff, and the list goes on. And you are doing this even before you make a profit!

When you compare this fact with network marketing membership or distributor fees, usually spanning around $50-$5000, it is amazing how by being misinformed could hold one back from a life changing opportunity.


Conventional business has a very big risk on failure.

The risks are mostly involving capital, whether from personal savings or from bank loans, you have a degree of commitment which could set you back if it fails.

In network marketing, the risks are greatly minimized with a low startup cost. A good network marketing company further minimize the risks by providing their distributors with business education.

For an inspiring entrepreneur, having business education would bring a world of difference to their business success. Unfortunately, enrolling in the business education involves a fair amount of investment.

For that, the network marketing industry has managed to challenge the conventional ideas by having a foundation based on personal success.

A fact with network marketing is that in order for you to prosper, you would need to help your team/downlines to grow to your level or more.

It revolves around the success of the individuals, the team, and the company as the profits are distributed fairly. When you grow, you’ll earn more.

Don’t you think that the company and your sponsor would not want you to succeed? Doubting this is normal, I hear you…

Your Success Network

Unlike conventional business, you would be befriending very dynamic, inspirational people who would want nothing but YOUR success.

Having support is a factor of any success and for the nature that network marketing businesses are operated, you would be never too far astray.

Probably the biggest mistake for new distributors is the lack of motivation on their network marketing success. Usually, when a person really wants it, he or she would go to any extend to acquire knowledge to be to their business advantage.

Another underated advantage is the importance of being a leader in network marketing. You would be forced to become a leader to succeed.

That would probably be why most could not carry on. Self limiting beliefs are the single most treacherous reason for your lack of growth, and for the successful leaders to connect with their organisation, shows and honorable equation to the network marketing industry.

Residual Income

Getting into any business is the excitement of getting money.

In conventional business, even though you could be making so much, you would need to write off from expenses first before taking the profits home.

That include wages, payments, electricity, lease and a host of more sadness.

Furthermore, if you are not able to be in business for a day, you won’t make money.

In network marketing, there are various income for any company. The most powerful is the ability to create a residual, walk away income, many times over.

The beauty of this is achieved when your organization grows exponentially.

When it is not your efforts that brings the primary income, it’s the effort of others under you who would bring in the dough.

For whatever the hype, network marketing has always rise above any business model for the LEVERAGE that it provides for your personal growth and wealth.

There are a number of corporate figures who are endorsing to the powerful establishment of network marketing.

In one way or another, these billionaires and millionaires are involved with the industry.

Steve Jobs Donald Trump Sir Richard Branson Robert T Kiyosaki Paul Zane Pilzer

Do the math, is it still a hype? Learn why it is very real even for the super rich.

To learn more about how you could have dramatic [Network Marketing Success Resources] (link: http://syazrilizmal.com/p-4-1-1/Network-Marketing-Hype-Can-You-Still-Make-Money.html) from an industry expert, Syazril Izmal.

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