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Modern Business Cards: Are Business Cards Still Relevant in the Digital Age?

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Modern Business Cards | Whilst it is indisputable that companies need to establish an effective website and online presence via social networking sites, these activities must be supported by physical marketing tools to be truly effective.

This dual approach is needed because it breeds familiarity. Consumers are naturally more comfortable using products and services they are familiar with and that means the more ways you promote yourself, the better.

Modern Business Cards Breed Interest

Whilst physical marketing takes many forms, from leaflets and posters to banners and merchandise, it is business cards which continue to have the biggest sway for companies. The importance of networking is immediately visible from figures concerning the number of businesses currently using social media (64% of UK based B2B companies) but physical business cards are still needed to support this online presence.

Essentially, networking via online platforms is only effective if handled properly and a shocking number of businesses (43%) admit they have no lead generation strategy in place for their social network use. In many ways, social media profiles are digital business cards but the extensive customisation options available on them makes presenting yourself a little more difficult than some might have anticipated.

This is where products such as plastic business cards continue to outperform their digital counterparts. Containing all the vital details of a business or individual worker, they are easy reference points for consumers looking to establish contact.

How can you make your business cards even more effective? | Modern Business Cards

Keep it simple. The purpose of a business card is to get someone to contact you, so focus on the information they’ll need to do so. While in the past you may have wanted to include your business name, address, fax number, etc., today business cards allow for a lot more customization. Depending on how you want to be contacted, you may simply want to have your name and title, your business name, your email address, your URL and your cell number on the front of the card. (That’s assuming, of course, that when they go to your URL they can find all the other information, like address, landline phone number) Are you a Twitter maniac? Then put your Twitter handle on there, too. If you want to include lots of other information, you can put it on the back.

Share them. You’ve got your cards; now give them out—everywhere. The average U.S. small business owner distributes 40 business cards a month, and three in 10 say they “always” give out their cards when they meet someone new in either a business or personal setting. Carry plenty of cards with you at all times. Whether you’re in the gym locker room, in line at the movies or at a cocktail party, you never know where you’ll meet a prospect or potential partner.

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