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MLM: Why You Are in The Business

by Phil Darst | shared from MLMSocial.com |

The first question to ask yourself is WHY?

WHY am I doing Network marketing?

Many people say, for the money. No, it is seldom the money. Money is a static thing. It is just printed paper. A pile of money has no more value than a pile of newspapers until you trade if for something of value. So, the reason you are in the Network marketing business is to be able to earn money to trade for something you value.

So, another question to ask yourself is, what do you value?

What do you want or desire?

Do you want a new wardrobe, a new car, a new home or different zip code? Do you desire to take a vacation, to have enough money to fire your boss? Do you want enough money to send the kids or grand-kids to camp or to college? Do you want surplus money to give to your church or charity? What is the “it” you really want? If you want “it” badly enough, you will find out how to get it. You will learn what to do and you will do it until it produces the money you desire to get your WHY.

This is your WHY.

You have decided to enter take the exciting network marketing journey because you know it is the perfect home business. It will pay you what you are worth. You know it is the vehicle that can allow you to live your dream and fulfill your desire.

Have you identified your desire?

Is it strong enough?

Is it a burning desire or just a passing whim?

When times get tough in your business, your WHY is what will either keep you going deeper within yourself to hurdle the road hazards that come up or you will fall by the roadside and quit.

You can’t fail until you quit.

Build your business on your WHY.

* * *

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