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Maximizing Online Ad Revenues? Target your Ad Inventory by Country

Today’s post is aimed at publishers who already operate a Website(s) but want to take their advertising beyond just Adsense or another third pary Ad network and sell their inventory out to individual companies.

Being able to serve your Ad space efficiently is very important not just for your client but also for your bottom line. For example if you run a Website that has traffic from all over the world then you can split your advertising inventory and serve specific Ads to specific audiences / countries. Say you have 2 UK clients, 3 US clients and a client in Australia. Now rather than serve 100% of all your ad impressions to each client you can specify which Ads are shown when certain geographical criteria is met. So now your US client only has their Ads shown to US traffic, and that is extremely valuable especially if the other percentage of traffic is currently being wasted on them due to the fact they only sell within the US.

There are a few different advertising server options but one pretty neat (and free) one is called DFP – Small Business by Google

With DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) you can now negotiate your own advertising deals on your Websites and then serve those Ad impressions with varying control on dates, weight, browsing criteria and geography. So if you have for example 100,000 ad impressions per month available for sale you can allocate 25,000 of those which are UK traffic to a UK advertiser who is specifically interested in UK business. This leaves the rest of your inventory free for other clients.

The system is pretty straight forward to use but if you have any questions just post in the comments.

Source: DavidLeppard.Com

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