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Marketers: How Interesting Really is Pinterest to You?

by Amy Edwards | shared from MarketingTechNews

As the fastest standalone website to hit 10 million unique visitors a month, it seems ridiculous for a business not to leverage the popularity of Pinterest in its marketing efforts.  Yet as an ‘ad free’ website where pins go viral organically, many firms are struggling to grasp how to monetise the massive potential from the social platform. So that’s where your reliable Bubble-y Social Media girl is here to help…!

If you’re a Job Seeker, you might want to read up on some pointers I made earlier to help you bag that dream Digital Job…but if you’re one of the lovely recruiters or agencies we work with, stick with me as this post is designed to help you develop your ‘pinning’ strategy….

Tip 1: It’s not about you

For many traditional marketers, methods that involve spamming customers with promotional posts are the norm. In the Pinterverse, you don’t need to be so blatant about what you are offering your customers.

Post images that will pique interest even if your content is only tangentially related to the product or service you are trying to sell. After all, your profile logo will be shared when the image gets re-pinned so whether your content directly relates to the business or not, your brand is still getting seen!

Tip 2: Show the human side of your brand

The best Social Media Marketing allows brands to build relationships with individuals. In order to do this, show some personality in your pins. Be funny or aim to inspire.

One particularly good example I came across this week comes from a team of online savvy recruiters in Devon. Web Recruit inspires their candidates with a Pinterest Board showing previous employment of celebrities before they found their fame and fortune.  It’s worth a look – you’ll be surprised…!

Furthermore, I’ve often found that behind-the-scene glimpses work well to give insight into your corporate culture – which if it’s happy one, can build trust amongst your potential customers… Why not take a look at our Bubble one…you’ll see that we’re a friendly team who don’t take ourselves too seriously….

Tip 3: Use Pinterest as a focus group

The great thing about Pinterest is that you can use your boards to see what content gets shared and what doesn’t. Naturally you can then tailor your products and services to your most popular pins.

Essentially the platform provides a free alternative to costly focus groups!

Tip 4: Follow relevant, successful Pinners

Like any other social network, Pinterest provides a great opportunity to network. Comment on pins and strike up conversation with pin pros from your sector. 

They can act as natural allies for getting you more traffic, plus you can learn from their pinning success stories and perhaps reconsider some of the content you’re sharing to gain more interaction which should in turn lead to brand loyalty and SALES!

Tip 5: Use your social media to promote Pinterest

It’s important to state that I don’t think you should constantly spam your Facebook and Twitter followers with pins but do promote your boards through your various social channels now and again. It keeps your content fresh and…after all…isn’t a picture worth a thousand words…?


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