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Infographic: 5 Pinterest Tactics That Fuel Retail Sales

by Mark Smiciklas | shared from Intersection Consulting |

When it comes to social media, there is an ongoing focus on driving traffic to your digital home bases and outposts such as websites, blogs, and social networks. But how about using these channels to drive traffic to your physical store?

In a recent post on Harvard Business Review, Alexandra Samuel presents a series of data-driven Pinterest tactics that drive sales to brick and mortar retail locations. These findings are part of larger study, From Social to Sale: 8 Questions to Ask Your Customers, that offers some great insight on the factors that impact consumer social purchasing decisions.

This infographic is designed to summarize the 5 key tactics that retailers can use to help drive in-store traffic.

Are you using Pinterest to drive traffic to your retail store? What other Pinterest tactics are working for you? The comments are yours.


This post was originally published on Social Media Explorer

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