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How to Successfully Make the Leap from Web to Mobile

by Edward Tan | shared from Kontagent

Transitioning your business into the mobile realm isn’t easy. There are countless factors to consider that can make or break your endeavor. And about the only thing that’s certain is that not having a mobile presences is no longer an option. If you want to succeed in this brave new world of business, engaging customers through their mobile device is critical.


Smartphone users are now the majority the world over and mobile devices are often the first touch point a customer will have with your brand. But building an app blindly isn’t the answer. Having the right strategy is essential to not only gaining market share and revenue, but also curbing wasted money on campaigns with little ROI.

Speaking as a panelist at MobileBeat 2013, Kontagent President and Chief Science Officer Josh Williams gave his thoughts on how to gauge your mobile business’s effectiveness. He also gave tips on how to successfully make the leap from Web to mobile.

Here are some key takeaways from his panel session:

  • You must measure customer value differently in mobile. With the Web, the focus was on near-term conversion. But in mobile, conversion is only one aspect of value. The people your users refer to your app are just as important.
  • Don’t inundate your mobile website with too many pop-up ads promoting your app. Obviously, a dedicated app will always offer a better customer experience than anything you could build for the mobile Web. But while it’s important to get your customers to start using your app, pushing it too hard can turn them off. It’s more important to win them over slowly.
  • Build a great mobile website and don’t just shrink your website. Creating a successful mobile presence means making it easily accessible on all fronts, not just on your app. This is especially true if you’re new to mobile.
  • In mobile, almost every time is prime time. Unlike with television and other traditional consumer touch points, in mobile people are on their devices day and night.

And be sure to check out the video below for highlights from Josh’s MobileBeat 2013 panel.



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