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How to Promote your Hotel on Twitter


Welcome back to the social media series, today I am going to share with you some tips about how to effectively promote your hotel in Twitter.

Twitter is one of the major social media networks that simplifies conversations to 140 characters. And reaches an audience of 160,000,000 users. It is very important for a business to be part of this phenomenon because a single message will be visible to millions and millions of people.

Have success in Twitter in 3 simple steps

Build your network – building a network in Twitter will probably take you time since you need to search and monitor information but this process is extremely important. You have to make sure you identify your target market, so when you are searching use specific keywords to find people that are traveling to your location, are attending local events, are looking for a place to stay etc.

Send out your message – Once you created your network you can start spreading your brand. you can do this in two different ways: send specific messages targeting specific people or you can send a message promoting specific offers of the property.

Benefit from the information – Independent hotels characterize because of the personalized service that they offer to their guests. With the information that you can retrieve from twitter about your guests you can take your guests’ experience to another level.

Hotel Twitter

Thanks to new innovative technology like GuestCentric’s it is very easy and effortless to manage your Twitter account.

Twitter center Send, track, monitor and schedule messages on Twitter and easily monitor what people are saying about the property.

Follower specials Increase the brand exposure, create a loyalty program and easily reward social media followers with special deals created and available exclusively for them through GuestCentric’s portable booking engine.

Customer intimacy Provide a more personalize service to your guests and learn more about who they are, what they want, need or think. Twitter profiles as well as last post are fully integrated with guests profile.

I hope this information was useful.

Stay tuned for the next video about “The importance of social media for hotels.”

Source: http://www.guestcentric.com/

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