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How to Grow Your Customer Referrals

by Jeff Riddle, founder of thegivegive.com | shared from The UPS Store

Jeff is a strategic advisor working with businesses to drive customer referrals, create mutually beneficial business partnerships, and improve communication and interaction through a focus on meaningful connection.

How to Grow Your Customer Referrals

Many small business owners believe delivering great service will lead to customer referrals. This is only partially true.

While your customers may be willing to refer your business, it’s not a high priority amongst the texting, tweeting, Facebook, emails, and to-dos.

To effectively grow your referrals, you must make them a part of your customer relationships by bringing them up early and often in conversations, newsletter, and emails. With enough repetition, your customers will remember to refer your business throughout their daily lives.

Here are 3 strategic phrases that you can use in your customer interactions to increase the likelihood they remember to refer you.

1) We run our business primarily by referral

Most customers are not aware that referrals are a key component of your business so be sure to tell them from the very beginning. This phrase lets your customers know they’re a partner in your business and referring their friends and family is a part of the relationship.

2) We’re never too busy for your referrals

Your customers are referring your business because they want to help their friends. But if they believe you’re too busy, they may not want to burden you with a referral. Create more top of mind awareness by letting them know that you will always make time to take care of their friends.

3) Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you and those you care about

This phrase is a powerful way to build value with your customers while subtly reminding them that your services are available to others they know. Use it at the end of every email, phone call, and face to face interaction.

. . . . .

These are just a few examples of phrases you can use throughout your business. But they’re not the only ones. Be creative, have fun, and I’m sure you’ll find other ways to make referrals top of mind.

While exceptional service is an important first step, a few key phrases sprinkled throughout your customer interactions will be instrumental to growing your customer referrals.

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