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How To Boost Your Personal Brand with Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

by Jorgen Sundberg | shared from The Undercover Recruiter

Social media is everywhere – and since there’s no escaping, you might as well learn to leverage it best for your personal brand! Now more than ever, employers are using social media to not only screen applicants, but hunt for potential candidates.

Check out this infographic from HiredMyWay on the basics of personal branding with social media and learn how to showcase yourself best on the web.


Some takeaways:

  • LinkedIn is the business oriented social networking site where you can follow companies
  • Twitter is a great place for searching and finding real-time conversations
  • Google Plus content will show up in Google search results, so make sure yours is positive
  • Klout gauges your online personal brand’s effectiveness, it gives you an influence score online
  • about.me allows you to create a personal landing page, very easy to format – no coding needed!

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About Jorgen Sundberg

The original Undercover Recruiter, after 7 years in tech recruiting Jorgen now runs Link Humans, a social media marketing agency in London.

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