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How to Become a Social Entrepreneur

Social entrepreneurs play a large role in today’s business market. Many social entrepreneurs use money to achieve their ultimate objectives, while others offer their time, skills and labor. Some social entrepreneurs recover some of their money and time by charging a small fee. Others do not charge any money and use the experience as a way to obtain other work. You can become a social entrepreneur if you are committed to a cause.


1. Figure out what you truly believe in and what do you want to do when you become a social entrepreneur. Choose your passion, whether it is abused animals, emergency relief, poverty eradication or another area.

2. Realize that by supporting your cause you might have to travel across the globe to give the proper help and support. You might travel to Ethiopia to help feed poor people, or you might travel to Alaska to help save the whales. Be prepared for hands-on involvement in this career choice.

3. Choose how you want to break into this career. You do not need special experience or education. You just need a cause to support or to create your own. You can start this non-profit career with just some paperwork and filing fees.
4. Research and decide how you will create awareness for this cause and get free promotion and publicity. Many people will donate to many causes a year, and you need to get the word out about your cause. You must get the media’s attention so they to want bring attention to your cause. Become an advocate of your cause.
5. Start a fundraising event for your cause. This event can be held anywhere, whether in a conference hall or in your backyard. Throw an event and bring awareness to your cause. Get people to listen, appreciate and donate.

Source: eHow

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