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Hot Tip: How to Manage People Effectively

by Michelle Whitaker | shared from NCBA |

Developing people management skills is about learning how to manage employees at work place. We know that managing people is not an easy task. Only the chosen few can master, and that is precisely why not all of us can become managers. Good people management skills can help supervisors and managers build a strong work force around them and also meet targets on time. Here are a few timeless tips that will help you manage your people effectively and achieve the best possible results.

Give clear instructions

Learning how to administer people is just like learning how to teach a kid. One of the very first skills that you’ll need to develop is the ability to give precise and clear information each time. While it may sound easy, it’s indeed a difficult thing to learn. Each time you give instructions, you ought to bear in mind that your words could be misunderstood. Do not allow a situation to occur where you think “I wish I had not said it”

Listen to your people

Listening to the people can make all the difference in the firm.Try to listen to your people, rather than just give instructions. If you truly listen, then they will respond. Listening is more – it’s about what you do with the things you have listened to. And also by using your face, eye contact, body language, and what you say, you’ll go a long way to showing that indeed you are listening closely.

Clear expectations

If you’re in charge of managing people, you will be accountable for their performance. The management above you is not going to tolerate you if their performance is under par. Because of this, managers must develop people management skill of laying down all that they anticipate from their subordinates in a simple to understand language. The people you manage have to be well aware of what is required of them at workplace in all regards encompassing behavior, performance, targets and more.

Be friendly

Do not push your the employee around. However quite and meek they may look, they are people just as you are and they feel fiercely about what concern them. Each and everyone of them has ambitions. They also aspire to become a boss and own luxuries of life. Phrases such as ‘Would you mind’ ‘Thank you’, ‘May I suggest’, make all the difference between a friendly workplace where people work as a team, and a workplace where you have tension everywhere.

Be the captain

With the power that enables you to manage the people, comes a responsibility of leading them. Think of yourself as a captain of your ship. As any other slogan, you’re the ‘go to person’ for all the roadblocks and problems that your team members face every day. Your subordinates ought to be comfortable to ask you to solve their problems and should have confidence in you as someone who will be the pillar of support. Part of your planned system might be to stay in touch with your team, by doing their job occassionally. This is an excellent plan, apart from looking after your team.


Michelle Whitaker is a management expert and corporate trainer. She has appeared on a number of radio shows and has written many articles on different topics such as personal improvement, women’s lifestyle and family planning.

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