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Dying to be Me: The Cancer Miracle Anita Moorjani


by Adam Khoo | shared from his personal blog

It seems that more and more people are contracting and dying of cancer these days. I have personally gone to over 6 funerals in the last 6 months (the latest being my beloved Grandmother) and many of them lost their lives from the different types of cancers. Is it the food we eat? The air we breathe? The genes we inherit? The thoughts we hold in our mind?

This interview I watched about Anita Moorjani (New York Times Best-selling author of ‘Dying To Be Me’) has answered many of these questions and truly confirmed what I have always believed in. In her book and interview, she also reinforces the importance of loving yourself, living your life with purpose and living without fear. She also provides a powerful glimpse into what happens after death.

Anita was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer in 2002 and battled the disease for four years. Then in 2006, she fell into a coma. At the hospital, the Doctors told her family that there was no chance of recovery. She had tumors the size of lemons running from the base of her skull to her lower back. She had skin lesions all over her body.

Many of her vital organs stopped functioning. She was kept alive by a feeding tube and a ventilator.

During the 36 hours she spent in her Coma, Anita experienced what it was like having her spirit leave her body and being able to feel and experience spirits of her dead relatives (her deceased father) as well as being aware of everyone who was around her- their thoughts and feelings.

It was at this time, that her spirit became clear about her true purpose in life and WHY she had contracted the cancer. The cancer was a culmination and manifestation of her fearful thoughts throughout her life. He fear of inadequacy, embarrassment, failure, letting others down had created tremendous negative emotions that manifested itself as cancer. Once she began to take responsibility for CREATING her cancer because of her THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS, she felt that she had a choice to reverse it.

In her spirit state, she had a choice of whether to die or to return to her body and awake. Although she wanted to die and move on into the wonderful spirit life, her father told her that it was ‘not her time’ and advised her to return to fulfill her destiny.

When she made the choice to return,she opened her eyes and knew with certainty that she had found her purpose in life and would never again live with fear. She also knew that without this fear, the cancer would soon be gone. Amazingly, within 4 days, her cancer had entirely disappeared and her organs were completely restored and she has remained cancer free for the last 7 years. Her case remains one of the most powerful medical miracles today, one that her doctors just cannot explain. She has written her entire experience in her book ‘Dying to be Me’ and it has become an International Best-Seller.

Whether you believe in the spirit world or simply the power of the human mind, you will be inspired and touched by her book and her interview.



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