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Business Opportunities in the Philippines, for the Filipino

Somebody asked why no business tips or opportunities (or “raket”) for Filipinos are posted here, considering that this site, after all, is about business and entrepreneurship, for the Pinoy Entrepreneurs.

For starters, while this may sound defensive, there are some business ideas or opportunities posted here (see Business Opportunities), likepawnshop, money remittance, lending company, candle-making,bazaars, sari-sari stores, water business, office supply business,junkshops, chicken inasal, barbeque, hobbies, PC assembly,  home-based business and other franchising prospects. Perhaps a quick search for Pinoy business opportunities or Philippine entrepreneur opportunity will help.

Second, this site started as a collection of articles that may be of help to the Pinoy Entrepreneurs in the pursuit of their respective businesses. Right now, the beauty lies in seeing the community grow, knowing information technology and how the net ticks, and learning how laws apply – or don’t apply – in the ongoing high-tech revolution. We have to start somewhere. We will subsequently post, or you could suggest, a business idea or opportunity for the Pinoy Entrepreneurs.

Third, there’s such as thing as a short-term, medium-term and long-term plan. The short-term plan is to start with what could easily be done, primarily because this is a hobby, and not work. Besides, one important business principle is focusing on a niche, then probably expanding if the opportunities warrant it.

Fourth, this site doesn’t pretend to be the definitive guide to the secrets of doing business in the Philippines. In fact, we already acknowledged other resources that would be of great help to the Pinoy Entrepreneurs’ search for their millions.

Most importantly, an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be told about business ideas or opportunities. Entrepreneurs recognize a potential business venture even if the opportunity is not staring them in the face. Successful entrepreneurs see what is not obvious. This ability sets entrepreneurs apart from the rest of the pack. Happy hunting!

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