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Bazinga Inc. Lends Technology To Save The Whales

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The world is facing environmental problems left and right. An imbalance in ecology brings forth disastrous results because we all live in an ecosystem that complements one another.

Illegal logging brings forth deforestation, resulting in deadly flooding of the metropolis. Killing of whales and other marine life parallels the same result. It brings loss to half a billion people that depends on animal protein coming from the ocean. Marine pollution kills not only whales but other marine life that are vital to human life. Did you know that half of the oxygen in our atmosphere comes from marine life?


As part of its corporate social responsibility, Bazinga Inc., a tech company that designs, operates and markets digital entertainment content that uses technology, partnered with the founder of Whale Call Project, Gil de Palma.

Whale Call Project is a global cause combining people’s love for music and technology to impact and benefit marine life conservation. Bazinga is lending its technology and its technical expertise to further this modern-day advocacy that uses music to encourage today’s “millennial” generation to take part in a worth cause.

“Bazinga believes I n supporting projects that use technology to promote social good,” Homer Nievera, Global CEO of Bazinga, enthused. “It’ is our way to give back to the environment that will benefit that largest number of people in the largest possible way.”

From left: Whale Call Project founder by Gil de Palm, Bazinga Inc. Global CEO Homer Nievera, and Bazinga Corp. AVP for Global Cause Marketing Mei Marasigan-Brantzeg.

Bazinga’s Global Cause Marketing Group is the division behind the campaign. Led by Mei Marasigan-Brantzeg, Asst. Vice-President, she underscored the rasion d’être of her group: “Our mission is to unite a global audience to common cause. It was an easy decision for the company to partner and support the Whale Call Project, as it unifies people, in this case, millennial, to a common interest: music and technology.” Brantzeg added.

Join the Whale Call Project: Sound the Whale Call, Save Marine Life. Download the Whale Call App for FREE at www.whalecallproject.org. Be part of the global community at Whale Call Project on Facebook.

Whale Call Project is a marine conservation project founded by Gil de Palma, Cause Leader of Stop Dolphin and Whale Slaughtering, in partnership with BAZINGA, INC. Bazinga is a global tech company based in the Philippines, London and the United States, with a CSR vision to “empower advocates through technology.

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