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Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made? “Sort of”

Thanks largely to an hour-long personality test every Founder Institute entrepreneur must take, FI founder and CEO Adeo Ressi has gathered enough data to determine how successful any one person will be — with 85-86% accuracy. FI currently has programs in 40 cities across 24 countries.


Overall, he says, many of the traits that make a great entrepreneur are genetic, which is why he says entrepreneurs can be “sort of” made. Fluid intelligence (how quickly you can learn/apply learnings and switch tasks), a critical trait, is genetic. But openness (see the world for what it is) is both genetic and learned.
Adeo believes world-changing entrepreneurs prove their idea is impossible rather than possible. For example, his friend (and mine) Elon Musk looked for the “no” when he set out to build SpaceX. The question Elon kept asking: Is it impossible for two dudes to make a space company? The answer he kept getting was “no.”
Watch Adeo’s complete “This Week in Startups” interview (available only on LinkedIn) and keep up with the show by following @twistartups.
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