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App Marketing on Facebook: 5 Hot Tips [w/ eBook Download]

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With close to 800 million users regularly connecting via mobile, Facebook offers a huge and tempting audience to app marketers. And beyond sheer size, Facebook offers a custom-tailored ad unit for promoting apps, one that:

• appears in users’ mobile newsfeeds,

• links directly to the App Store, and

• provides a wealth of flexible audience selection features.

It’s a tremendous opportunity for mobile app marketers to cost-effectively build their loyal user base.

With this opportunity comes a challenge, though, as app marketers need to figure out how best to take advantage of this powerful advertising tool.

Even savvy marketers will have to relearn the nuances involved with audience selection, developing creative assets, and setting bid levels for this unique ad unit.

Here are 5 tips to maximize your results using Facebook’s mobile app install ads.


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